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Posted: 3/12/2002 7:03:16 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/12/2002 7:19:50 AM EDT by Maddog50]
Nicholas D. Kristof nicholas@mail2.nytimes.com [url]http://www.iht.com/articles/50623.html[/url] I am so outraged by this article that I do not know where to begin. It was clear from the first paragraph that you intended to strike fear into the hearts of the public. I would refute your statement that guns are more dangerous than men. An evil man is far more dangerous than an "evil" gun. Then you are quick to point out that this activist is proud that she scares people. I think you are trying to take a humorous comment out of context. Next you dive right into the fallacy that guns kill people and point out how the readers are sure to be killed by all these guns. And then you expose the fact that there were liquor bottles in her room. Trying to paint a picture? I wonder if you would have pointed that out if you were visiting a homosexual rights activist who also happens to own a car. A dangerous combination? There are guns in my house and liquor bottles in my house, but that doesn't automatically make me an irresponsible gun owner. Don't forget to mention "machinegun bullets", as if they are somehow different from other bullets. Her target was likely from a submachine gun which fires pistol bullets, the same thing your friendly neighborhood police carry on their hips. And then you are quick to point out that you grew up with guns. As if that somehow makes you part of the gun culture. But it is quite clear that you are not comfortable with your fellow law-abiding citizens owning guns. Are you suggesting that we should adopt a Japanese-style system of government and policing? Even if we did, our cultural differences would prevent us from having a society with Japan's murder rate. If you want to consider the systems of other countries, why did you conveniently leave out the Swiss and the Israelis? And if you need to bring up England, why don't you talk about the increase in crime that can be directly tied to their gun control laws? Finally we have the title of the article. Maybe this wasn't your call. I object to it because you are suggesting that these underage women carry a handgun illegally. I can assure you that no innocent people will die due to the gun purchases I make.
Link Posted: 3/12/2002 7:59:41 AM EDT
This is not an article that is reporting the news. This is out right opinion going on here. So, is it a news article or an Op-ed? It is not about the fact that women are arming and organizing, it's about what he thinks of them. The bias and opinionating(if such a word exist),is clear. This so called part of the "gun culture," is part of the problem. He owns a gun but doesn't think other people need to, or use a gun differently than his. Same kind of crap you get when you go to a range and some jerk gives you guff about having an AR. People like that think their "sporting arms," are safe, and do not care if your evil AW's are banned. He should try living in Australia. How many "sporting arms," were cut up there?
Link Posted: 3/12/2002 8:20:59 AM EDT
I suggest you read [url=http://www.booksamillion.com/ncom/books?id=2159535005023&isbn=0895261901]Bias[/url] by Bernard Goldberg. ([:D])
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