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Posted: 8/4/2001 11:13:33 PM EDT
When I go hunting say for deer, boar, coyotes, can I carry a side arm? Say my 10mm for any suprises or pissed of sows? That's hunting with my rifle, and carrying a pistol as well. I live in Arkansas if that helps. I have looked before (briefly) but have not been able to find anything that says I can't.
Link Posted: 8/4/2001 11:58:27 PM EDT
I always have in the past with no problems from any DFG or rangers. And I'm in California.
Link Posted: 8/5/2001 5:53:48 AM EDT
Hunting regulations are under state control. In NY you can be a field and hunt with a pistol as long as it's the minimum hunting caliber (small or large game) and it's not a bow only or other restricted season.
Link Posted: 8/5/2001 9:42:40 AM EDT
Colorado laws seem close to NY's. You can openly carry any caliber sidearm during the rifle hunting seasons. But you can not carry a sidearm during muzzle loading or archery season. Your best bet is to check with your state's wildlife dept.
Link Posted: 8/5/2001 10:15:32 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/6/2001 1:06:00 PM EDT
Have the CA laws changed in the last 2 years? Talked with a CA DFG ranger in 1999 while hunting rabbit. Had shotgun in hand and .45 on my hip the whole time; he never said anything about it. Had other similar encounters, but mostly in the mid 1990's.
Link Posted: 8/7/2001 10:10:20 AM EDT
ive never heard you couldnt carry a 2nd gun, but then i hunt on private land and am far and away from any DFG agents. got a link about the carry laws while hunting ? troy
Link Posted: 8/9/2001 6:00:02 PM EDT
In Colorado, the sidearm can't be concealed. This can sometimes be difficult in full gear.
Link Posted: 8/9/2001 8:43:36 PM EDT
Troy, If that's the law, I honestly didn't know, and neither did the DFG guys or Sheriffs Deputies who I have talked to while hunting. My .357 was in plain view in a holster at all times. And the 30.06 was in my hands until I leaned it against a stump.
Link Posted: 8/10/2001 8:43:19 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 3:33:08 PM EDT
In MD you cannot carry the handgun as a sidearm. If you are hunting with the handgun, it's OK. If you are bowhunting, or using a shotgun/rifle, you cannot carry a handgun. I always thought that was kinda dumb, but what do I know. You can't hunt on Sundays 'round here either. DNR says that gives the game a 'break.' I say, 'Fine, let 'em rest on Wednesday when I'm at work.'
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 3:42:01 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Troy: And the PRK allows you to carry only a single gun, so if you wanted a sidearm along, you'd need another person to carry it. -Troy
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You mean a "Gun Bearer" ?
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 3:54:17 PM EDT
That's what SO's are for. Hurry up woman. Bring me my 10" .44 629 with the scope pronto!
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 4:11:55 PM EDT
I have personally carried a sidearm every time I've been hunting in CA. I have only hunted bore and preditors,, and I believe it is warrented. Even if I were hunting tree squirels I would have a sidearm cus I'm a scared of snakes [rocket]. I was using a rural road as a trail back to my truck when along came the shariff and he didn't even bat an eye. I have read from beginning to end the CA DFG hunting regulations (OMG it is dry). I have never seen a magazine capacity limitation that wasn't related to a shotgun. I have also never seen anything that said I couldn't carry a sidearm with the acception of bow hunting specificly prohibiting carrying a firearm. Maybe that was the deal for Troys information... After all he's right about damn near everything else in CA.
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 8:12:47 PM EDT
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