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Posted: 5/4/2001 8:02:48 AM EDT
[url]www.botachtactical.com/colrifmag.html[/url] This sucks! The government has to be in bed with someone. Who says there isn't some company out there still making preban mags and putting them on the market.
Link Posted: 5/4/2001 8:20:37 AM EDT
Uhhhh...... No offense, but this is no news. It's been going on since the '94 crime bill. The gov/law enforcement still has access to new hi cap mags. They are marked and restricted in sales. They are not "preban" mags. They are post ban mags for Government only.
Link Posted: 5/4/2001 8:24:55 AM EDT
I know that southern rising! I was making a point on how much we spend on something that is only worth about 10 bucks to a dealer. How often do you see a guy who is selling new preban mags for about 30 bucks. I bet not all of them have been stashed away somewhere. They are hot off the assembly line. That is a 300% markup. Think past what you hear on TV and the news and net.
Link Posted: 5/4/2001 10:12:58 AM EDT
Like I said in originally, no offense. From the language of your first post it sounded like you were unaware of this. I agree we are paying way too much. Just the man at work. Think that's bad, look at some glock 17 mags. LEO: $20, Preban: $75+
Link Posted: 5/4/2001 10:42:00 AM EDT
Hell, when you realize that the people selling the mags for $13 are making a profit, it really makes GeorgeWallaceJr's point.
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