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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/4/2001 10:53:43 AM EST
Okay, let me give the full story. I have a B.S. in Business Information Systems (1998), and work in IT at a Fortune 200 corporation. I have always been interested in law enforcement, but would like to get into something like security consulting...I am not really interested in IT work. To help tame the adventure bug, I have been doing a little bit of bail enforcement on the side, but I still have to deal with the day job that is very time consuming (plus I hate it). Anyway, if I were to join the Marines, would they try and pressure me into doing IT work? Would being an MP help me in the private sector when I got out (note I said private sector, not LEO or Fed)? Also, I think I would enjoy doing some intelligence work. In fact, what the Navy has to offer may be better, but I am getting married soon and as it is, I have no desire to be away from my mate for 6-months at a time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chimborazo
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Link Posted: 9/4/2001 11:05:44 AM EST
Would you want to enlist or go in as an officer? You do understand that you'll be taking a pay hit if you enlist, and that being a married, poor Private sucks, right? How much your MOS helps you in the private sector after you EAS depends to a large degree on how the economy is doing in that sector. IT and telecoms are having a hard go of it right now and the police (LAPD and Dallas PD, that I know of) are hurting for officers. If you want to improve yourself in general, enlist. You'll learn a lot about yourself in boot camp. I don't think you'd be pressured into doing anything that the recruiters weren't having a hard time filling their quota for. Of course, if you get to your unit and they find out you're an IT wizard, don't be surprised if the First Sergeant finds something computer-related for you to do with your time. Any other questions? Freedom isn't free Semper Fidelis Jarhead out.
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 11:07:13 AM EST
"I have no desire to be away from my mate for 6-months at a time." Then you should not join any of the branches of the modern military, including the Air Force. It is as simple as that.
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 11:19:27 AM EST
Jarhead, I would probably want to go in as an officer. Also, what is MOS and EAS? I am more interested in private sector security work, not really PD work. Happyshooter, Will the military only allow your spouse to be with you if you are going to be stationary for a certain amount of time? Thanks for the responses. Chimborazo
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 11:25:33 AM EST
Being in the military is hard on a marriage. I'm a former Security Forces Marine and while I was in I watched many marriages dissolve under the pressure of military service. It's really not a married man's life style in my opinion... at least not that I've seen and as it relates to being in the Marines. I was enlisted, so perhaps things are different for officers. But the hours are long and the duty is hard in the Corps. A good officer will be the first one in and the last to leave, leading by example. It's the hours and the military "attitude" that seem to have a negative impact on a marriage.
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 11:27:39 AM EST
If you know your IT stuff the Marine Corps can definately use your experience / knowledge. I work for a major defense contractor and am currently working with all branches of the service, including the Marine Corps Systems Command at Quantico. As the Corps struggles to keep pace with all the new computer technology I'm guessing they may want your expertise with IT. Just guessing though..
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 11:49:52 AM EST
MOS=Military Occupational Specialty That's the job you'll be assigned. EAS=End of Active Service That's the date that enlisted men get returned to the 1st Civ Div unless they re-enlist. If you want to be an officer, check out: [url]http://www.marineofficer.com/index2.html[/url] There are accompanied tours and unaccompanied tours. I'm not sure how it works for officer-types, so I'll let someone like Major-Murphy or STLRN answer that. Good luck.
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 12:28:21 PM EST
Your marrige to the Corps always comes before your marrige to a woman. That might sound bad, but that is the way it is. Officers may have more leaway (sp) than enlisted, especially young enlisted, but when you go out to the feild or on a west-pac, your just gone until you get back. The Marines were a great experience and I had alot of fun, but there were alot of bad times too and I'm glad I wasn't married while I was in. Dude with a degree have you thought of the FBI?
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 12:33:42 PM EST
I have a Mason jar. Send me a picture of your head. I will compare the two and get back with you on that answer. ROTFLMAO :)
Link Posted: 9/4/2001 5:26:28 PM EST
Marines--CAXs, training operations, Oki tours (6 months to one year w/o spouse is usual), floats (6 months, on boat), that is a no-go for a married guy. Army--drop CAX, replace with NTC; drop Oki, replace with Korea; Drop float, replace with one year in some south east Europe crap hole. Air Force--several week training ops in Las Vegas, Europe, Asia, some midwest snow and corn belt ghetto(which is hard on the marriage, even more so when you start screwing around, or she does, cause you go so often), with 3-6 months in the crap hole known as Saudi.
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 11:01:58 AM EST
Thanks for all the responses guys. I think I'm going to go back to school and get a Master of Science in Criminal Justice. VCU has one of the best programs in the US, and I think I would enjoy it. Guess now I have to take the GRE. Yuck...I suck at tests. Any opinions on this?
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 6:45:27 PM EST
Join the reserves. They'll make you go in as an officer and bootcamp is a joke. or Join a good LE agency, get the training and quit before they put you out on the streets. or Joing the FBI, They would take you in a second provided you can pass the psycho and background tests/checks. They need computer guys. Join them, get the tranining in Quantico to become an agent, then quit before they deploy you as a propeller head analyst stuck in some back room analyzing code. Then go get your Criminal Justice degree, or do it in reverse order - degree first FBI second.
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 6:47:34 PM EST
If you have to ask, you shouldn't do it.
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 7:03:51 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/5/2001 7:03:59 PM EST by 7_62___for_me]
[size=4]NO, NO , NO, most guys join the service so they can get money for school[/size=4] You are were a lot of military guys would like to be. [size=4]EVEN officers..why? because most are paying their dues for the free or partly paid for higher education[/size=4]
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 7:07:34 PM EST
Save your money...apply for the positions & see what they say...education is not all its cracked out to be...just because you have a degree(s) does not mean you have hit easy street. Think long & hard before investing all that money & time...don't just jump into it. Think about what you enjoy doing...if you love your job its not work. If you hate your current job, I would say only stay with it if the money is good...you can always develop a passion for something else if your current job provides funds for you to do so. Education is mighty expensive...a Master's or Doctorate will not always open the doors you hope they will...that comes from someone who has all three of the mentioned degrees. If I had to do it all over, I would jump at joining the Armed Forces IF I was single. See the world, make friends, allow the taxpayers to fund your "education", be it formal or not. Good luck...its a hard decision to make...especially with a family to think about. "The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule." H.L. Mencken
Link Posted: 9/5/2001 8:00:08 PM EST
MARINE RESERVISTS go through bootcamp with active duty MARINES all of their training is the same.
Link Posted: 9/6/2001 3:22:56 AM EST
What Confederate said...
Link Posted: 9/6/2001 3:31:29 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/6/2001 3:34:41 AM EST by Major-Murphy]
The Marines have no "straight to the reserves" officers. That's Army nonsense. ALL Marine officers MUST honorably serve 4-6 years of ACTIVE DUTY, before going into the reserves.
Originally Posted By Chimborazo: Anyway, if I were to join the Marines, would they try and pressure me into doing IT work? Would being an MP help me in the private sector when I got out (note I said private sector, not LEO or Fed)? Also, I think I would enjoy doing some intelligence work. In fact, what the Navy has to offer may be better, but I am getting married soon and as it is, I have no desire to be away from my mate for 6-months at a time.
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The Marines make no MOS (job) guarantees, for officers. UNLESS, you get a flight contract. You make a request, for the job you want, but there are no guarantees. Go for infantry, it's the best bet, and provides the most opportunities. [size=4]DO NOT JOIN, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO: "be away from my mate for 6-months at a time" THAT'S WHAT THE CORPS IS ALL ABOUT -DEPLOYMENT.[/size=4]
Link Posted: 9/6/2001 3:44:22 AM EST
As somebody who waited a LONG time until I got married (and DAMN glad I did) you sound like you still have a lot of issues about yourself you still have to work out, before you get married. Marriage is a committment, the hardest, yet most fruitful and satisfying part of life you'll ever get yourself into, if you are ready for it. It is not and should not be something that one can just walk away from. One should look long and hard at it, before jumping in. The emotional, financial and time costs are staggering if it doesn't work- something which is usually due to one party, at least, not being suitable for whatever reason for that marriage. If you really want to go in the Marines, DO IT! But first, if you care about your fiancee, let her go, to lead her own life- otherwise, you will hate each other and your regrets about an incomplete life will eat you and the marriage up. Would you want to be on the receiving end of that? Starting a marriage AND a MAJOR career change is a recipe for disaster. If you really want to go in the USMC, go in, and don't look back. Or don't go in, but get married, and stifle any resentment you might someday have about what you gave up to marry her. If you can stifle it, that is. Some people can do it. Of course, in marriage, there will be no secrets, and she'll figure out what you really believe any way. It will probably get blurted out during an argument, or something.... It's up to you.
Link Posted: 9/6/2001 6:59:09 AM EST
Maj Murphy There is the direct commissioning program. That allows a prior service Marine to get a commission right into the reserves with only training time on active duty. This program requires the applicant to be a Sergeant and have served at least 4 years on active duty as an enlisted Marine. I have only heard of one person getting a direct commission in the last eight years, so the chances of it happening are very small. So you can add them, and lawyers to the list of those that know what MOS they are going to get at TBS. There is also the “uniquely” qualified option if you have special skills in one field or another, that is also extremely rare, and I have only MOS seen it happen for MOSs like Intel and MPs. If you don’t want to be away from home, don’t join. My last fleet tour of 34 months I was either in the field or deployed for 22 of them.
Link Posted: 9/6/2001 7:35:44 AM EST
If Uncle Sam wanted you to have a wife. Uncle Sam would have issued you one. Having a wife in the military is very difficult. If you don't want to be away from your wife. Don't join.
Link Posted: 9/6/2001 8:48:34 AM EST
Thanks again everyone for your input. I have decided that I am going to pursue what I want to do in the private sector. I had a long conversation with my fiancee last night and she is standing behind me 100%. Thanks again everyone. -Chimborazo
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