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Posted: 10/1/2014 10:47:05 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/2/2014 7:35:40 PM EST by inthe605]
All the reviews I've seen are pretty good.

Or should I get something different? I'm using a kayfun right now and like it a lot. I just have quite a loyalty points to spend, so I feel the need to take advantage of em and get an rda.

ETA. The store I'm going to is a Brick and mortar E Cig Crib store. I swear everything they list online is in this store.


Help me spend my money.

Eta. Website is ecigcrib.com. Don't know wtf I was thinking when I posted the OP.

Don't matter much because I bought one today. The thing is pretty awesome.

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Link Posted: 10/2/2014 9:47:41 AM EST
If you are going to get an authentic check out the Hobo V2, I am REALLY happy with mine. It uses the split positive post like a plume but it's elevated above the base. There is a sleeve that threads on after you build the coils that gives you a super deep totally sealed juice well to pull from, my best guess would be it holds about 1ml comfortably. Since the coils are built high the air flow is also high so there is no fear of juice leaking out, I've never had a drop come out of mine. The cap can be set up to use between 1 and 4 air holes so you can dial it in however you want. I realise this is starting to sound like I get a commission or something but I have no affiliation with the place that makes them or anywhere that sells them. I haven't used any other dripper since I got mine, it was totally worth the $90 and I would buy it all over again.
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