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Posted: 1/21/2001 10:04:22 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/21/2001 10:12:00 PM EDT by LawnDart]
This should be an easy one for you guys - after I seemed to stump you with my Grendel thread (I miss the old board [:(] [;)]).

During my forced time out [:(] I went looking for info at other boards.  
While reading one post that caught my eye about Mossberg shotguns I felt that I noticed a glaring error.  Since nobody seemd to care about piss poor information being spread I spoke up.

The part of the thread that concerned me was that an 18.5" barreled Mossberg "Persuader" having a pistol grip attatched would cause you to have to register it as an AOW!

From what I have learned (correct me if I'm wrong PLEASE!)
1. A shotgun that has come from the factory with a stock can never be converted to an AOW.
2. A model 500 (with an 18.5" bbl) with a pistol grip meets the minimum requirement of 26" by at least an inch or 2 due to the size of the receiver (can handle 3" shells).
3. Someone would have to tell all of the dealers (example: gunsamerica.com) that they are illegaly selling unregistered (untaxed) AOWs.

Any thoughts on this will be appreciated.  Give me a measurement if you can remember.

ps - I personally do not see much utility in a pistol gripped shotgun (some do and that is fine), I just don't like people saying (and others believing) that something that is legal is not.
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