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Posted: 5/12/2001 5:30:58 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/12/2001 5:36:27 PM EDT by erickm]
I have a bushmaster 20" a2 kit that I built on an oly lower (my first and only ar) back in january, never have had a chance to shoot at much more than beer bottles and computer monitors. I got my membership finally at the gun club here in town, it was fukken AWESOME! I did the benchrest range first at 100 yards, sitting, resting foreend on bag, shot 20 rounds of houston cartridge company reloads (cheap and all lake city brass btw) and got about an 8 inch grouping, with one round missing target entirely, probably could have done better if I hadn't kept looking through spotting scope after each couple of rounds and having to re-shoulder, but hey i was anxious to see what I was doing. I shot this position again with 10rds of hornady 53gr match hollowpoint about a 5 inch grouping zero misses, the ammo definitely makes a difference! I know I haven't really done anything that great comparatively, but I havent been to a real range with real targets for 6 years or so, and have NEVER shot close to a hundred yards with open sites. My experience from a little kid on up was that scoped hunting rifles are needed for 100yds+ and AKs and SKSs were fun at pistol length ranges, not n'more! The REAL fun was the silhouette range, shot chickens at 200 and worked my way up to rams at 500, which to my surprise actually did fall down with one hit most of the time, it'd take me 4 or 5 shots to hit one, but still I shot something at 500 yards!! another first for me, [b]especially[/b] w/ iron sites. This was btw an assembled upper in this kit I bought, front nor rear sites have been touched since it left the factory. I LOVE my AR, I thought I was hooked earlier just on it's looks and the cool way it shoots just plinking at trash at a fairly close range but now...WOW! I have a feeling I'm going to fairly soon end up like some of you all with a plethora of them. I no longer am confused about the idea of people wanting more than one type of the same gun anymore. also used my glock 23 (.40) on the pistol range at 25yds, I sucked, I'm not talking anymore about that. lot's of wobble trap (which I must say I believe I definitely kicked ass at) then went to the skeet field, we didn't really know the rules of play but we did some kind of variant of moving through the stations and making targets come out of either house and occasionally...actually hitting one. Okay enough gushing and bragging, but If I help even one board member who doesn't have an AR, get convinced they NEED one, it'll be worth it.
Link Posted: 5/12/2001 5:40:24 PM EDT
Congratulations. ARs [b]ARE[/b] nice shooting rifles.
Link Posted: 5/12/2001 5:46:40 PM EDT
AHA! NOW you have discovered why the AR15/m16 is one of the most successful and widely used military rifles in the world. They are the most ergonomically designed rifles ever, and are very easy to shoot well. AK's outnumber ar's, and are more relialble under harsh conditions and neglect. It is also one of the most miserable things to shoot I've ever fired. NRA service rifle includes 600 yd targets, and yes the AR has taken over the firing line in NRA Highpower. Try to find a tactical match, and try that, the AR is also excellent at the fast and furious tactical matches. Enjoy!!
Link Posted: 5/12/2001 8:35:16 PM EDT
know i want to make a ar [:)]
Link Posted: 5/13/2001 2:54:30 PM EDT
Hey,Eric what part of Ok. do you live in? I'm in Tulsa. Lets go shootin sometime as I just got my FIRST AR this last year. I just love mine too. I've been stocking up on blaster ammo too! Can't ever have too much ammo. Gotta get me some more ammo! Gotta get some more ammo, gotta get som...oh sorry about that! [^]
Link Posted: 5/13/2001 3:55:24 PM EDT
also from tulsa what is the best local gun club?
Link Posted: 5/13/2001 8:36:01 PM EDT
Erickm that post brings tears of joy to my eyes. Who says gun owners are not in touch with their feelings. NO SLACK!
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