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Posted: 12/29/2012 8:26:12 AM EDT
I have a short rant on the proposed AWB that I would like to get off my chest if I may:

I was thinking about this again last night and something else occurred to me. Senator Swinestain's proposed law will penalize me for purchasing and using a legal product, even though I have never done anything to hurt anyone and have shown no indications that I ever will. Now, I don't care if this is legal, I don't care if there is precedent for it, I don't care if the courts have ruled that this is an OK thing to do...IT'S FUCKING WRONG! Just because something is legal doesn't make it right. There are 10s of millions of half assed Hitlers in this country who are happily cheering the potential persecution of people who have never done anything but own something which The Mob sees as dangerous. I say piss on the lot of them! This is exactly the kind of thing that the Second Amendment was intended to protect us against, armed sheep demanding a new vote on what's for lunch.

As for the hope regarding registration...

If you will recall, Canada tried to make their citizens register all of their long guns. The law creating the Long Gun Registry in Canada for regular old hunting rifles and shotguns, was enacted in 1995 and gave people until 2003 to register their guns (an 8 year window). The implementation of the registry was a complete nightmare which took the full 8 years and ran $880,000,000 over budget. In the end, the Canadians achieved 75% compliance and registered 5.8 million guns. Let me repeat that. It took the Canadians $1 Billion dollars and 8 years to register 5.8 million regular rifles and shotguns...then the government tossed it out the window last year.

The US will have to register between 6-10 million firearms (conservatively) in order to get all 120 named guns on Senator Swinestain's list into the NFA registry. They will need to add steps and costs of FBI background checks (not NICS checks) and time for local LEOs to process NFA requests. Then, the BATFE is going to have to process the requests, add them to the registry and issue tax stamps for each one. It is going to take them fucking FOREVER to get this off the ground and it is going to cost far more than $1 Billion.

And if you're worried about the 4473s, think of this. Assuming that there are 270,000,000 guns in this country and assuming that (conservatively) half of them were sold after 1968, that would mean that there are 135,000,000 4473s in America, at a minimum. On top of that, people have been selling, trading, losing, destroying and stealing guns over that time, all with no paperwork. The 4473s are completely invalid.
Link Posted: 12/29/2012 8:29:58 AM EDT
welcome to the new transformed America. Question is when will we all say no and stop hiding our guns, but instead take them out and use them to protect our freedom?
Link Posted: 12/29/2012 8:32:29 AM EDT

Not enough swear words and good grammar..

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