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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/4/2002 3:04:18 PM EST
The Crusty Old Pro Way above sixty. Comes in, sets up shop, breaks out a *&* Model 19 or a Model 10 M&P, shoots fifty rounds into a sub-inch group at 25 feet and packs up again, claiming that his eyes aren't what they used to be anymore. The Serious Competition Shooter Carries a 1911 race gun in a skeletonized hi-tech magnetic speed rig with weights, outriggers and flashing lights. Carries fifteen full spare mags in minimalist competition mag carriers on his belt. Removes the barrier tray on his lane, and proceeds with an hour of stand-draw-fire one round at IPSC target-reholster. The Underage Hooligan Too young to own or buy handguns, they usually show up in groups at the range, breaking out pistol-gripped Mossbergs or extensively modified Ruger 10/22s. Has been known to shut down the range for everyone else as they pound away at silhouette targets with 12 gauge magnum loads. The SKS Dude Shows up with a heavily modified SKS that will not fire more than 3 consecutive rounds without jamming. Luckily, he has a fifty-shot magazine to keep him going for an hour, when others wish to go downrange and change targets. The Garbage Shooter Brings an old TV, cordless phone, propane tank (!), or a box filled with phone books to test bullet expansion. No one knows what he/she looks like, you only find the garbage laying around when you arrive at the range. "Anyone see who did this? Uh uh, not me". The Barrel Breaker-Inner Breaks in his new rifle barrel one shot at a time, cleaning between shots, and scattering dirty patches all over where he leaves them as he departs. The BOSS-man Has a humongus magnum rifle equipped with a Browning/Winchester BOSS muzzle brake. Sets up next to you, although there are 10 other empty benches. When he fires his gun, the muzzle blast clears ammo, boxes and casings off YOUR bench. The Once-A-Year Hunter Shows up one week to one day before deer/elk/bear season with a new rifle and/or scope. Announces "This won't take long, it's been BORE-SIGHTED". Fires two shots, 6 inches apart at 50 yards, 4 inches left of center, pronounces his gun "ready to go", packs up and leaves. I usually politely ask where he'll be hunting. Not to make conversation, just to make sure I'm out of his range where I'LL be hunting. The target holder marksman Can always be identified by the swinging target. Lets you know he's there by getting every target on the range swinging. If that didn't get your attention, he will by hitting you in the chest by bullet jackets or fragments. The master can take down the holder itself by skillfully placing one shot on an eighth inch wire. This skill is used to end his shooting for the day. Eagle-Eyed Granny aka the woman I saw at my range last summer. She was a frail, elderly gal who looked to be about 65 or so. She was offhand shooting a .44 Mag with a 6" barrel on the 25yd line. And cutting a ragged hole through the 10 ring. I was so humiliated I almost barfed. See part III
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 3:26:08 PM EST
A cousin to the The Crusty Old Pro. "The Tease" interrupts your shooting to show you a mint 03 Springfield but won't let you touch or shoot it.
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 11:34:13 PM EST
Don't forget the [b]Bolt-gun/Skeet-gun Elitest.[/b] That is, the (usually oldtimer) who pontificates at your need for an assault weapon, seeing them as giving gun owners "a bad reputation." Or the [b]Range Nazi.[/b] That is, the guy (not the rangemaster) who takes it upon himself to YELL (yes yell) at you if even the slightest piece of range etiquette is not followed (brass ejecting into his lane, etc.) Totally unprofessional in his approach and equally despised by all.
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