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Posted: 8/25/2004 11:59:50 PM EDT
This station, WROZ, 101.3, The Rose does something very politically incorrect!
Every weekday morning, right after the 7:00 AM news, right after what seems to be half an hour of commercials, they have a “Salute to Kids”. They play a recording of some local class room of elementary school children reciting the - get ready for this - Pledge of Allegiance! The one with the Forbidden (can we get an echo chamber effect with that Forbidden?) words, “Under God”. It is immediately followed by a recording of cheers.

And who wouldn’t cheer? This should be enough for any Arfcomer within listening distance to stand up and recite the Pledge along with them. And cheer and cheer them for being something Forbidden, i.e.; Good Americans!

For those in the listening range, tune in any time from 7:05 to 7:09 in the morning. If they do this at any other time, I'm ignorant of it.
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