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Posted: 8/1/2001 10:28:40 PM EDT
Just had to share this with you guys. I brought down my Mak90 this evening and my 8 year old daughter wanted to see it. Not only does she know all the safty rules but she also handles it quite well. There was nothing prettier than seeing her laying prone doing dry fire practice in perfect form.[heavy] Damn I am proud[:D][:D][:D] sgtar15
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 11:16:25 PM EDT
I can't wait until my son's old enough to be taught about firearm safety. I'd love to be able to take him shooting and hunting. The way my father taught me. Great job as a teacher there daddy! And thanks for sharing!
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 11:20:54 PM EDT
It is definitely one of the high points of fatherhood. I also taught my son at age 8. I think my wife still has a small problem with it thought, at least with the SURs. sgtar15
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 11:46:40 PM EDT
Sometimes it's hard to get past the "look" of the SUR's. I consider mine 10/22's on steriods. I'm thinking I'll start him off with a bolt action .22 rimfire. That should help him through the safety and marksmanship aspects. Maybe even build him an AR-15 complete with standard capacity mags and store it until he's old enough to handle the responsibility. Just in case he's unable to get one when he's old enough. Anyway, It's late, I need sleep, and I'm rambling. Later, and thanks for the insight concerning the youngsters. Every little bit helps these days.
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 2:53:23 AM EDT
That's excellant Sarge! My 6&4 year old daughters are the same way. But no matter what I always stress SAFETY FIRST. Keep up the good work. Del [:)]
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 2:59:53 AM EDT
Oh yeah, Children who are taught how to be responsible when the are still young do not seem to have near as many "Problems" later on in their lives. Namely taught at home by Loving, Caring "Parents". As in Mothers AND Fathers. I am my Daughters' Daddy!!! And they know who loves them. ps hows your back?
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 3:51:24 AM EDT
Firearms safety taught at an early age works. Especially combined with the child/teens knowledge that dad will take them shooting anytime they want. In 18 years of child raising I've NEVER had an incident where one of my 3 kids treated a firearm with anything but the upmost in respect and safety. They keep me on my toes at the range too. The mystery is removed and they move on to "forbidden fruit" like boys, girls and sex! I can handle the education part, and my 13yr old daughter KNOWS that dear ole dad will be "cleaning his 870" on the front porch someday in the future when her date comes by to meet me for the first time. He will also be picking up his copy of "Rules For Dating My Daughter"! Ahhhh life is good Rocketman
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 4:37:07 AM EDT
Delmarksman You are 100% correct!! I just woke up from a horrific nightmare!!! Damn sleeping gas!! Back is somewhat getting better, meaning I except the current situation I am in. sgtar15
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