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Posted: 10/25/2001 8:47:42 PM EST
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Suddenly, a patrol shines a flashlight into the soldier's face. The D cell mag light was amplified 40,000 times by his super dooper eyes; he was instantly blinded. The soldier was beaten and dragged to a cell where a 300 pound man named Boohtcrak Adid awaited his new "friend".
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He sat slumped on the edge of the filthy cot. Boohtcrak gave him a slobbering, gap-toothed grin and through gestures made clear what he wanted. With a shrug, the American nodded and pointed at his mouth. Boohtcrak leered, freed his filthy genitals from his pants and approached. When Boohtcrak was in reach, the American seized him by the scrotum and squeezed with all of his scientifically augmented strength. Boohtcrak opened his mouth to scream, but before he could utter a sound, the heel of the American's right palm blasted under his chin and snapped his neck. He met Satan still wondering what had happened. The American carefully arranged the corpse on one of the cots and went to the cell door. "Guard! Guard!" he shouted, "this man is ill!"
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He unbuckled the guard's belt and pulled it free from the body. It was a typical military-style garrison belt. He removed the buckle and broke the loop of heavy gauge wire that held the leather onto the buckle from the back. With little apparent effort he straightened the wire, and reaching back through the bars, set about trying to pick the cell door lock.
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The American lay in the cell covered by Boohtcrak's body, which he had hastily grabbed while ducking from the explosion. He knew now that the whole camp was awake. He had to find his comrades before the startled solders gathered their wits. In the adjoining room he found a combat knife and slipped out of the shack, into the darkness.
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He farts loudly!
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He slid for what felt like hours. Finally at the bottom he lay motionless. He had a couple of grazing wounds that he needed to take care of, the last thing you want to do is leave a blood trail. He tore off one of his sleeves and ripped it up to dress the wound. The search patrols would be coming soon.
Link Posted: 10/29/2001 7:31:05 AM EST
He got to his feet and looked at the sky. He calculated that he had about an hour and a half before sunrise. He made his way further from the enemy camp, moving as quietly as he could. As he picked his way among scrub and rock, he examined his options. They didn't look good. If soldiers do indeed have patron saints, then the saints were out on a three day pass. Wounded, unarmed, without even a radio to call for extraction, not to mention cold and hungry, he laughed cynically to himself. "I guess I've got them right where they want me," he mumbled under his breath. One of the drawbacks to augmented strength and heightened senses is an equally heightened basal metabolic rate. His first order of business was to find shelter and some form of nourishment that would allow his body to repair itself. "Maybe I'll be able to find some of those food packs the Air Farce has been dropping," he thought.
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He decided to hide and wait, hoping that a one of his former captors would walk close enough for him to gain access to a weapon. He picked up a jagged rock and hid. He waited for what seemed like hours. Suddenly he heard foot steps.
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That thought had just crossed his mind when one of the soldiers stood up straight and stared in his direction. He knew he was found. He jumped at the three men knowing full well that he either had to win or die. The fight was fast and violent. When the dust settled three men lay at the Americans feet. Blood poured from their faces. He know had weapons and water. He looked in the direction of the supply drop. Someone must have heard the fight and would be coming to help their buddies. He had to get out of there...FAST!
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He knew the other two of the three man patrol would come looking for their pal soon. He tried to click the safety off silently. He moved it slowly waiting for the audible click of the AK. When it finally happened it made him jump. He might as well have fired off a round it seemed that loud. He heard angry yelling in Arabic and the rattle of their weapons. He summed up the courage and got ready to stand and fire. BANG BANG BANG..full auto fire rang out. The American sat silently for a moment and then heard the most beautiful sound in the world, A BRITISH ACCENT. "Are you OK?" The American stood to see 4 British SAS soldiers. 3 were armed with M4's and one was fiddling with a strange looking bullpup, his SA 80 had jammed. The American handed him an AK. They smiled at each other knowingly. The moment was over it was time for business.
Link Posted: 10/31/2001 8:54:15 PM EST
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