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Posted: 12/7/2001 5:17:01 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/26/2002 4:25:45 PM EST by CB1]
Let me intoduce myself.... US Army 84-85 C 1/5 Cav 1st Cav Div, Bradley Driver 86-87 D 2/30 Inf 3rd ID, Bradley Gunner Served Jan-Feb Border Patrol in the Coburg area of Germany. Father was a Crew Cheif in the Navy for the S2F Tracker in the 50's My Grandfather was a Marine and hopped all the islands in the Pacific. God Bless America
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 6:09:09 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 6:19:27 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/16/2002 4:09:46 AM EST by Striker]
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 6:59:18 PM EST
USMC 82-86 Boot Camp: MCRD Parris Island S.C. 2nd Btln. D Co. Plt. 2080 MOS: 6076 Aviation support equipment technician Pneumatics/Hydraulics MOS training: NAS Memphis, MCAS El Toro, Calif. NAS North Island, Ca. MCB Camp Pendalton, Ca. Duty Stations: MCAS Iwakuni, Japan H&MS-12 83-85 Deployed to Korea, Philippines And Okinawa. NAS Willow Grove, Pa. Deployed Patrick AFB, Fla. MCB 29 Palms, Ca. Ohio Army Reserve National Guard 87-91 MOS: 67VN10 Basic Scout helicopter repair/Aero scout observer. Unit: 107th Armored cavalry regiment, Regimental aviation squadron, Troop D OCS graduate, Ohio Military Academy class 36
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 7:08:08 PM EST
USMC 1994-1998 RSC/L Gtmo. Bay Cuba 2BN 6MAR WPNS Co. HMG Plt. 1st Civ Div (current)
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 7:40:39 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/7/2001 7:40:26 PM EST by Gargoyle]
Veterans...Gargoyle...roger that. United States Marine Corps Sergeant Communication Center Operator, OKI 1996 Primary Marksmanship Instructor, OKI 1997 Marine Security Guard, US embassies Kingston, Jamaica and Nairobi, Kenya. 1997-2000. PROUD TO SERVE! [MARINES]
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 7:46:01 PM EST
11A-5S 11A- Infantry Officer 5S- Airborne Ranger Nobody likes a Leg...don't those Tan Beret's look cool. Enlisted 91B time as well.
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 7:47:43 PM EST
US Army CID Special Agent 1974-1978 [beer]
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 7:59:24 PM EST
US Navy Active 1986-1990 NTC Orlando, FL AK Class A school Meridien MS US Navy H&HS Supply MCAS El Toro US Navy Reserves 1990-1992 US Navy Reserves 1998-Present
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 8:21:40 PM EST
US Army Reserve 1992-2001 91B Combat Medic Grandfather WWII Army medcop
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 8:31:34 PM EST
USMC Boot Camp: MCRD Parris Island S.C. 1st Batt. Platoon 1033 (1989) MOS Training: 0311 Camp Lejuene, NC (1989) USMC Reserves - Golf Co. 3/23 Golf Co. 3/23 deployed to Gulf 12-25-90 Was referred to by CNN as the "The Lost Battalion".... long story
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 12:49:01 AM EST
USMC 1996-2000 MOS: 5811 (Military Police) Oct 96-Oct 97: Camp Courtney, Okinawa Nov 97-Mar 00: Security Bn, MCB Camp Pendleton, CA SeMPer Fi
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 1:02:44 AM EST
not me (almost ,was in draft lottery for nam) DAD - WWII Army, 7th Armored Div. Bronze Star Purple Heart (Bastiogne / the Bulge) brother USAF Purple Heart (during civilian evacuations under fire - Belgium Congo)
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 2:24:59 AM EST
US ARMY 89-93 2/187th Inf. 101st Airborne/Air Assault Sept. 90-Apr. 91 Desert Sheild/ Storm
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 2:45:53 AM EST
TXARNG Tanker 1986 - 1989 USA Airborne Infantryman 1989 - 1993 Operation Desert Shield / Storm: 82nd ABN Div. TXARNG Infantryman (11C) 1993 Airborne Infantry 1994 Went Inactive July 1998 - to Present Medic Medical Section Supervisor
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 3:33:55 AM EST
USMC Parris Island SC, Sept-Nov 1985 Aberdeen Proving Grounds MD, Dec '85 - April '86 3rdBN 6th Marines, Camp Lejeune NC, April '86 -May '89 (Bunch of deployments from '86 - '89) MCB Quantico VA, July '89 - Feb '91 WTBN (USMC SERVICE RIFLE TEAM) Feb '91 - OCT '93 229th ENG BN. VA Army National Guard OCT '93 - March '95, Also All Guard Service Rifle & International Combat Teams US Army Marksmanship Unit, Ft. Benning GA, March '95 - Feb '01, USAMU Service Rifle & International Pistol Teams US Army Reserve Small Arms Readiness Group, Ft. Gillem GA, Feb '01 - present, Small arms instructor, Army Reserve Service Rifle & Service Pistol Teams. MOSs 2111 Small Arms Tech (USMC) 8531 Primary Marksmanship Instructor (USMC) 12B Combat Engineer (VA Army National Guard) 11B Infantry (Army) Lew
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 4:04:28 AM EST
Me: US NAVY 1981-1985 Disbursing Clerk USS Suribachi AE-21 USS Shreveport LPD-12 Dad: Master sargent US ARMY AIR CORPS / USAF 1942-1978 Grandad: SGT. US ARMY WW 1
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 6:30:30 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/8/2001 6:25:35 AM EST by EdAvilaSr]
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 7:08:28 AM EST
USMC 1964 to 1985. VietNam 1965 to 1967. Ist MarDiv Hotel 2/5 An Hoa 'Arizona Territory' Boot camp MCRD SanDiego. Started as Private E1 MOS 0331. Retired as CWO-3 MOS 2100. SEMPER FI.
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 7:33:28 AM EST
US Army Aug 89-Jun 01 Medical Discharge Service all over Latin America, Panama, Hondo, Colombia, Venezuela Last MOS held 37F3V00QB (Spanish Speaking Airborne and Ranger Qualified PSYOP SSG) Also have a Q6 (LRS Leaders Course Grad) PQ (Portugese Language) Pathfinder Badge EIB Units: 151st Inf Det (LRS) SOCSOUTH 7th SFG(A) 1st and 9th PSYOP Bns
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 10:44:06 AM EST
I was [b][red]NOT[/red][/b] a Navy Seal! USMC 1970-1976 MCRD San Diego Pendleton Lejeune Pendleton Okinawa Camp Hansen Camp Courtney MOS 3421 (REMF)
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 11:46:15 AM EST
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 1:03:12 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/8/2001 1:04:49 PM EST by Rew]
US Army 1974-1994, CIB, EIB, Bronze star, ect ect. 11B, 11H, 11M and OOR, and for some reason 13B, although I have never cocked a cannon in my life! You'll have to ask the Recuiting command.[:D] Retired as a BDE Bradley mastergunner/ammo NCO/Weapons training NCO/ The list goes on anybody who has ever worked in a BDE S3 will understand. Units; C42 Basic, B51 AIT (Ft Polk LA) 1st Cav Div (Ft hood TX) 2ed ID (Korea) staff Infantry AIT (Ft Benning, GA) 3AD (Germany) 4ID (Ft Carson CO) Recurting Command (NJ) 3AD again (combat patch)(Germany/ Iraq) 4ID again (retired from)(Ft Carson CO) Ok I have tooted my own horn long enough. SFC(ret)Rew E. Williams
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 1:06:13 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 4:44:29 PM EST
MCRD San Diego in 87 (plt 1108) 29 Stumps for MOS 7242--Air Support Operations Oki--MCAS with MASS-2 (lots of Korea, some Thailand) liked it so much I stayed an extra year Cherry Pt, NC--MASS-1 Finished up doing crew chiefing in the DASC College--joined the National Guard as a 95B MP for more cash--middle of junior year had to go active again for Clinton's meal on wheel relection scheme. I was always shocked how different the army was from the Corps, and how many dirtball thugs the army puts up with instead of jailing em and kicking them out. Now, I'm out. I am a lawyer, and my only shooting is at a range.
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 4:46:17 PM EST
USAF Active Duty 82-89, 4 years at the zoo before that. F16's at Torrejon AB and F5's at Nellis AFB
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 4:51:15 PM EST
USS Wichita (AOR1) NAS Alameda CA '77 USS Richard S. Edwards (DD950) Pearl Harbor HI '77-'80 USS Proteus (AS19) '81-'82 Pt. Loma CA USNR SpecialBoatUnit 13 83-'87 NAB Coronado CA USNR Dad also an x-squid with 20+ years
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 5:00:54 PM EST
88 to 95 Army UH-1 and AH-1 crew chief 99 to now USAF Security Forces (police) activated on Sept 11th
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 6:24:31 PM EST
US Army 11B2P 84-85 2/325 Abn Inf Rgt (AIR) - 82nd Abn Div 85-86 4/325 Abn Combat Team (ABCT) SETAF Vicenza IT 86-87 4/325 AIR - 82nd Abn Div 87-89 NYARNG 10th Mtn Div Roundout Bde 90-91 20th SFG(A) MDARNG Now in my job as a REMF contractor I work Army systems integration and visit lovely downtown Killeen TX about once a month (Fort Hood 4th ID). Man these mech guys have it PLUSH! Carpets at the TOC and everything! [;D]
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 8:46:43 PM EST
8th & I Marine Barracks , Washington D.C. (SDT) Semper Fi 1991-1995
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 5:15:57 AM EST
Drafted - US Army Ft Knox 1968-1969 13th Aviation Battalion, Soc Trang, Vietnam 1969-1970
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 7:48:17 AM EST
USN 6/58 - 8/65
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 11:31:00 AM EST
Active 11BC2 1988-1992 RC 54B 1994-2000 QS
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 11:36:06 AM EST
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 1:05:34 PM EST
U.S. Army 83-88 Arty FO (13F) Assigned:1/29th FA, 2/29th FA, 5/29th FA Attached: 5/77th AR, 3/68th AR, 4/8th INF Germany/Ft. Carson
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 3:01:57 PM EST
USMC MCRD San Diego May 1990 1st Battalion Plt 1054 MCT Camp Pendelton Aberdeen MD 2131 (Artillery Mech Scool) 3rd FSSG Ord Maint. Co Jan 1991-Jan 1993 Weapons Training Battalion, P.I. SC Jan 93-May 94 (8531 Marksmanship Instructor) Currently talking to GySgt about going active reserves as an armorer (oh please, oh please) [marines]
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 4:27:14 PM EST
US Army, '88-'92, 11B-1P Boot, jump school at benning Rest of my enlistment w 2/504th PIR, 82nd ABN Combat Jump, panama '89 Gulf war. CIB,EIB,Combat jump wings, PH, ARCOM, AAM,Expeditionary medal w/arrowhead, some other stuff that I can't remember off the top of my head, and I ain't gonna go look for my dd214, for some freakin messageboard. AIRBORNE!! oh yea, my parents were hippies.
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 4:30:59 PM EST
US Army, Infantry 11/67 to 8/70 71542 2nd Bn/327th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) RVN, 7/69 to 7/70
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 8:41:39 PM EST
US Army, '85-'90. 13B with 19K secondary. Duty stations: USAREUR (17th FA Bgde, Augsburg, Germany), and Ft Hood, TX (1CD; 3-82FA, and briefly 1-7 Cav). Best time of my life. My father joined the US Army in Germany, having walked there from Germany, following the Soviet defeat of the Hungarian rebels (of which the old man was a part).
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 10:10:30 PM EST
4th Generation US Army Basic Nov. 67 - Mar. 68 B-2-1 Ft. Lewis, WA Ft. Monmouth,NJ Mar.68 - Nov.70 SATCOM AGENCY MOS 26y20 I was involved in R&D work on portable satellite communications system. Direct communications from the battlefield to the pentagon or any other destination. I always wondered if the work we did was of any use. During Desert Storm, I saw some of the satellite terminals mounted on 5/4 ton trucks on the battlefield. Was glad to see that it was of use. Hope it save some of our guys lives! Diamondback NRA SASS
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 10:34:16 PM EST
April,28 1997 to June 25 1997 MCRD San Diego Series 3093,serie's high shooter was my only accolade in boot camp,238 score. Went to School Of Infantry Camp Pendleton in August of 1997 to the end of october i was Alpha Company the last to do the old two month schedule.If anyone had done the old schedule they would know SOI humps sucked really they were actually runs you had a 10,15,and 20 miler's they sucked. Went to the Fleet in late october 1997 to I co 3/1 where i did two pump's one my last one was when the USS Cole was bombed we took her down. All in all the Marines is by and by the best branch of service you could join. Semper Fi!!!
Link Posted: 12/9/2001 11:56:26 PM EST
Squid GSM1 (E-6) Great Lakes 1984 USS David R Ray 1984 - 1990 Ropes Thanks to all who went before and after me.
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 2:54:40 PM EST
U.S. Army (1985-1993) 63Y - Track Vehicle Mechanic 3rd Battalion, 67th Air Defense Artillery Kitzingen Germany HHC 4th Infantry Division Fort Carson, CO 104th Military Intelligence Battalion (I know, I know) - Fort Carson, CO 4th Combat Engineer Battalion Fort Carson, CO "I am not a combat veteran, just disabled"
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 3:38:43 PM EST
91A combat medic (grunt with a aid-bag) 1st bn 87th inf. 10th mountain div. ft.drum, ny 9/86 to 8/89 qualified with all light inf. weapons, efmb, mountain warfair school, jotc,... i always thought it ironic; "a medic carring an A2, not a M9". the only weapon i was ever officially qualified with was the M16. "TO THE TOP!" [USA]
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 6:39:04 PM EST
Army, 76Y (92Y) supply 89-93 89-92 in Wiesbaden, 12th Avn Bde, 5/6 Cav (Sep 90-Apr 91 Shield/Storm) Ft Knox for the rest, 1/12 Cav, 1/16 Cav 93 present WIARNG, recent convert to 67T!
Link Posted: 12/11/2001 8:46:51 AM EST
US Army 12B30 1982-1992 OSUT - Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 12th Engr Bn - Dexheim, FRG ('83 - '85) 588th Engr Bn - Ft. Polk, LA ('85 - '87) 54th Engr Bn - Wildflecken, FRG ('87 - '92) Desert Storm w/1st Armored Division (54th Engr Bn) Sappers Forward...Sappers IN!
Link Posted: 12/11/2001 3:09:08 PM EST
U.S Army 1986-1991 29V2C Microwave comm. Pyongtaek, Korea Feldberg Germany. Ok ARNG 1991-1996 67U, 67 N (Huey, Chinook) Charlie co. 1stBn 245 Aviation (SO) (A)
Link Posted: 12/11/2001 4:04:20 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/11/2001 4:45:35 PM EST by r1]
USAF 84-88 30250 Weather Equipment 6 weeks Lackland AFB TX basic training 9 months Chanute AFB IL technical training 15 months Tinker AFB OK with a 2 month TDY supporting National Severe Storms Labratories summer 85. 2 years Hahn AB Germany. If there's anyone active duty reading this who has a chance to go to Germany do it. edited a date
Link Posted: 12/12/2001 5:19:06 PM EST
USAF 1979 - 1999 Lackland AFB Texas Keesler AFB MS Whiteman AFB MO Fort Kobbe (Howard AFB) Panama Ellsworth AFB SD Osan AB Korea Wright-Patterson AFB OH Dave
Link Posted: 12/13/2001 9:19:33 AM EST
Lets see Father infantry WW II Uncle Marine SGM WW II, Korea, Vietnam Grandfather 35 years Army, chased Pancho Villa with Pershing but me 1968-1972 Communications Tech, Naval Security Group CTT2 73-75 SP5 New Mexico NationalGuard 1975-91 Regular Army, retired 1991 1SG E8
Link Posted: 12/13/2001 9:34:56 AM EST
US Army 101st Airborne Division Mortar Battery 502nd Infantry Ft. Campbell, KY 1961 - 1964 We believed that we were going to Cuba but we deployed to Oxford, MS instead.
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