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10/20/2017 1:01:18 AM
9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/15/2005 10:42:11 PM EDT
This made the rounds a year or two ago. Just discovered it again.

Totally safe for everyone:

Link Posted: 8/15/2005 10:47:25 PM EDT
Not too fond of cats, however...pretty damn funny!
Link Posted: 8/15/2005 10:49:59 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/15/2005 11:09:46 PM EDT
Cats crack me up
Link Posted: 8/15/2005 11:12:01 PM EDT
tagged for my daughter in the AM... she LOVES cats
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 4:52:18 AM EDT
The mirrors get 'em everytime!
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 5:07:59 AM EDT
That was great! The one where the cat jumps out on the toddler is great!
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 5:11:43 AM EDT
Good stuff!

Cats are so much fun.
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 5:33:14 AM EDT
I hate cats but I have seen this vid and I always enjoy it.
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 7:08:26 AM EDT
Cats are too goofy. Mine has developed what I call "threshold phobia". He is extremely cautious when entering the house from the outside these days...almost like he's afraid of something getting him. He takes 15 or 20 seconds sometimes to come through the door, and the *slightest* noise will cause him to do a gazelle like leap 6 feet into the room where's he completely air borne.

For the life of me, I can't figure out what this is all about, but it's pretty comical to watch.
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