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Posted: 9/28/2004 5:05:07 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/28/2004 5:08:12 PM EDT by shamayim]
Yes, the evil genius behind the Kerry money noe has a web site, and there is a place where you can send him an e mail


Here's what I sent him :

"While I have serious differences with President Bush on a number of issues, I am well aware that this country has survived, and even prospered, under flawed Presidents in the past. John Kerry, however, were he to be elected, would be far worse than simply a "flawed" President. He is a danger to the very essense of what the United States of America has always been, and what I wish to continue seeing it be.

You and he would morph this country from a Constitutional Republic (however imperfect) into centrally controlled tyranny. Neither I, nor the vast majority of my fellow citizens wish this to occur. The only way Mr Kerry can possibly be elected is for he and his minions to successfully conceal from the citizens of this country his real agenda.

It is a pity that in your studies for citizenship in the United States you overlooked the meaning of the Constitution you were required to study, and apparently only memorized the words. Clearly, you still believe in the Middle European view of government that you were raised in.

What a shame."

Notice that I did not mention the 2nd Ammendment nor anything else having to do with firearms ownership. I have learned thru bitter experience w/these people that as soon as you do, you get pegged into a catagory, and totally ignored. And besides, my issues w/Kerry and his backers go far beyond firearms ownership.

Send the man a letter
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