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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/17/2002 4:51:55 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/17/2002 7:19:44 PM EST
I have often thought that we created a frankenstein in industrializing China with our high tech and basic industries, in the supposed belief that a shift to market capitalism would democratize them in the end. Something like a trillion $ over the years. It's a risky bet. The "great leap foward" had failed. Trying to make steel in peoples backyards and other backward notions. The cultural revolution was a devastating setback. Faced with their communist disaster Deng Xiaoping had decided to use us for China's advancement, and American corporations were more than happy to embrace him. All their technological dreams finally met. They make it all now. Larger industrial output then us. The few high tech gems we have left will soon be theirs. For what? I used to see low skilled labor intensive products made in a host of Asian countries - many allies, the rest ostensibly democratic and at least progressing - such as Korea, Taiwan, The Phillipines, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. It was spread out. Now it's all from China. The workers make what yuan the government tells them they can make. I don't like strikes... but what does the government there do to any potential troublemakers? This has clearly modernized China, but is that in our interest if they have the same attitudes? The great red scare had died down in this country and we were looking to them as potential partners vs. the Soviets. But their Generals still had their eye on us, even being so bold as to put their aggressive thoughts down on paper to be viewed by the entire world. Now the S.U. is broken up and we may need them vs the PRC! They are increasing their military budget at double digit rates yearly, surpassing even their high economic growth. Reminds me of the Saudis going from a simple nomadic life to living in palaces, without any of the great philosophical and pluralistic struggles. Same attitudes = dangerous for us. I think we could have continued the policy of containment, and even if sold out by our "allies" at least retarded their growth dramatically. They've gotten everything they wanted. Legitimacy for their form of government, WTO, the Olympics, and all the high tech military equipment they want bought from the Russians with US trade $ or simply stolen for us in the largest espionage assault in history. I think they got the sweetheart deal of the millennium. We saved a bankrupt idealogy...and may have endangered our future.
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