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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/16/2006 11:25:00 AM EST
Anybody see this?
I got a recommendation on this from another gun board.
I mean the opening sequence has the two old guys fishing
fun movie, lots of growing up lessons in there.
Robert Duvall

Link Posted: 2/16/2006 11:43:00 AM EST
I thought it was great....good movie for people of all ages
Link Posted: 2/16/2006 12:49:35 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/16/2006 1:43:34 PM EST
I have yet to see a Duval flick that I didnt like. This one I have seen twice and loved it both times.
Link Posted: 2/16/2006 2:12:52 PM EST
great flic,,loved it,,,,
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 5:32:38 AM EST
A great flick. Just good old fashioned story telling, with a great story...and great acting.

I loved the part when they delivered the lion, and they were standing there in safari togs and rifles waiting for it to run out....

Duvall and Caine were fantastic! Haley Joe did a good job too...
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 5:34:27 AM EST
Great movie. Too bad it didn't do very good in theaters.

Sua Sponte,
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 5:39:14 AM EST
AWESOME movie! I usually don't do family films becuase they're theatrically weak, but that was a great flick.
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 5:52:33 AM EST

I love this quote by Robert Duvall's character.

I'm Hub McCann. I've fought in two World Wars and countless smaller ones on three continents. I led thousands of men into battle with everything from horses and swords to artillery and tanks. I've seen the headwaters of the Nile, and tribes of natives no white man had ever seen before. I've won and lost a dozen fortunes, killed many men and loved only one woman with a passion a flea like you could never begin to understand.

Link Posted: 2/17/2006 6:58:42 AM EST
+1 on an excellent movie.

Link Posted: 2/17/2006 8:10:58 AM EST

Originally Posted By rgrprib:
Great movie. Too bad it didn't do very good in theaters.

Sua Sponte,

Well, since it didn't cost 200 million to make, it had no aliens, no fireballs, no car chases, no tits, no mega blockbuster chases with guns and bombs and nukes....I wouldn't think it would do well in theaters.

Don't get me wrong...I love all that stuff above, but I also love a good movie with a good story, well acted, and with heart.

Unfortunately much of America only wants the stuff at the top....
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 9:57:36 AM EST
I loved the movie so much I bought it quite some time ago. And put it on frequently. One of the best movies I've ever seen.

And that Hub McCain quote is a danged good one.
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 10:00:30 AM EST
Great movie. What a great way to spend the day. Sitting on the porch with a lemonade and a shotty waiting for the next salesman!!!!!
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 6:23:29 PM EST
It was a good movie. You really knew what the real story with the two old guys actually was; either side of the story was completely plausible.
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 7:54:38 PM EST
I agree. An excellent movie. I too watch it often.

The alternate ending (on the DVD) is pretty good too.
I'm glad I didn't have to chose between the two endings
for the theatrical release.

How about that Mother. What a piece of work she was.

Link Posted: 2/17/2006 8:00:36 PM EST
I think that was the only good movie I saw that year
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 8:24:07 PM EST
Two thumbs up!
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 8:32:07 PM EST
Easily one of the top 10 movies I've ever seen. A Princess Bride for the current generation. FANTASTIC film.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 5:13:34 AM EST
Very good movie ... funny to a certain degree .... very entertaining.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 5:33:05 AM EST
"Let's shoot 'im."

"Naw, listen to what he has to say first, then we'll shoot 'im."
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 5:36:09 AM EST
Great movie, it has something that is very rare in Hollywierd these days ... it's ORIGINAL, not a remake or a ripoff of somebody else's ideas.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 5:51:38 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/19/2006 5:51:56 AM EST by TomJefferson]
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 6:11:05 AM EST
I watched it with the kids, loved it. Great movie
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 6:24:35 AM EST
When he whipped those young pucks in the BBQ joint! One of my fav movies.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 12:21:20 PM EST
Going to have to see it now!
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 12:26:37 PM EST
One of the best movies in the past decade ... IMHO .
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 3:16:09 PM EST
excellent movie
the 2 kids sharing the garand while lion "hunting" was hilarious
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 4:19:15 PM EST
Part of the permanent collection. My kids couldn't stop watching it once I got it.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 4:34:00 PM EST
Great movie.

Reminded me of the movies I used to see as a kid.

Link Posted: 3/4/2006 1:54:21 PM EST
Loved it.
Link Posted: 3/4/2006 2:22:09 PM EST
alternate ending?? hubby and i will have to rent it--we saw it in the theater
Link Posted: 3/6/2006 5:38:09 AM EST
Yeah, get the DVD, it's on the extras part and has a different ending.
honeslty I liked the one in the film better, but the other one is good too.
There are some great deleted scenes (like when they start launching the corn as clays over the lake)
Link Posted: 3/6/2006 6:01:08 AM EST
See, I took the opposite view, I really liked the alternate ending better, more uplifting in my book, especially the Foriegn Legion showing up...I liked seeing the wife and kids involved too...

In any case it was a GREAT movie, and a great story. And proves you don't need explosions and car chases for a good movie. Too bad it didn't do so well at the box office......but thats America today for you....
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 1:38:30 AM EST
I liked when Duvall tweaked the mother's boyfriend's nose.
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 5:14:47 AM EST

Originally Posted By Brohawk:
I liked when Duvall tweaked the mother's boyfriend's nose.


Link Posted: 3/7/2006 5:34:00 AM EST
I watched it with my family.

I liked it, my wife liked it and my four year old girl loved it too. Very few movies have that broad based appeal.

Now that I hear about the alternate ending I have to go buy the damn DVD.
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 10:40:36 AM EST
Great flick!! My favorite part is when they open the lion cage and it just sits there. The uncles reaction was great.
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 11:49:06 AM EST
+1 great on it being a great flick.

One of my 3 favorites, depending on mood: Princess Bride, Blade Runner, and Seconhand Lions.
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 11:54:24 AM EST
you know its good when you recommend it to folks, who then go out of their way to tell you thanks.
Link Posted: 3/8/2006 1:11:49 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/8/2006 1:15:47 AM EST
Ditto all comments above, great movie, great DVD.

Shame the movie critics didn't see it for the winner it is, which says an awful lot about their lack of movie judging abilities.

Link Posted: 3/30/2006 8:17:44 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/30/2006 8:28:25 PM EST by ProfessorEvil]
I just started watching. Twenty shotgun blasts in the first five minutes? bad ass.

"Rabid Attack dogs!"
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