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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/19/2001 11:04:57 AM EST
So, a friend of mine says there was basically no security at game 1. I figure I'll try to enter packing my S&W Airlite. We stand in line to get in (my first clue, usually not this big of line). We get close, and they are frickin frisking everybody. Don't think they would let me in even with CCW so I go back to car and leave the gun in the glove box. When I come back this guy gives me the "I'm going through the motions so it looks like I'm doing something" frisk, basically tapped my shoulders and hips. Coulda got in anyway. Oh well. So inside there were 4 yankee fans (looked straight from NY) and fans were booing them, and they were cheering for NY and people were yelling stuff back and forth, but all in good fun. These guys were pretty funny. Anyway about in the middle of the game as one of them was walking back to his seat this big guy steals the other guy's NY hat, and tossed it over the railing, then pushes NY guy. They were pretty close to a brawl I thought. The guy who instigated it got kicked out of the stadium. The cops asked me if I saw what happened (they originally were going to kick out NY guy also) and I told them that other jerk took his hat and pushed him, and NY guy did nothing, so they let him go back to his seat. And the Mariners ended up losing DAMNIT.
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