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Posted: 4/30/2011 8:45:53 PM EDT
Looking to buy a bike to ride to work(save on gas,get in shape). I’ll be riding it about 4.5 miles one way some of it over gravel roads. Looking for something cheap but sturdy.
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 6:30:11 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 6:36:04 AM EDT
What do you consider "cheap"?
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 6:39:11 AM EDT
Like to keep it around 2 to 3 hundred.
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 6:40:42 AM EDT
Flat or hilly?

If flat, it'd be tough to beat a single speed for durability and lack of maintenance.

Link Posted: 5/1/2011 6:43:12 AM EDT
see if you can find yourself a used cyclocross bike.

it is a "road" type bike, with drop bars (lots of hand positions) but it is built a bit more burly with wider seat and chain stays, to accommodate a knobbier tire (if'n ya want)

so it handles crappy roads, curbs and other stuff like that better than a traditional road bike PLUS ya can take it into the woods and have a frikin blast.

See if ya can find a Surely around your area (used) check yur craigslist and the local bike shops to see what used rides are available.

remember, a cyclocross bike is not always what they are referring to when they say "cross" bike.

Link Posted: 5/1/2011 6:48:30 AM EDT
You aren't going to get a decent new bike for that. Look in the used market. Poke around some shops, then figure the used market will be about 1/3-1/2 that, maybe cheaper if you can get a deal.

Given the gravel, I'd probably stay away from skinny tire bikes, depending on how deep the gravel usually is. Put some 2" slicks on a mountain bike.
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 6:51:16 AM EDT
Giant Boulder is available for a hair over $300.  It is billed as a mountain but is actually more like a hybrid but 26" tires.
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 7:06:00 AM EDT
get the Nashbar single speed 29er

or consider maybe a cyclocross
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 1:16:00 PM EDT
Look on Craigslist for a used mountain bike, put hybrid tires on it and go pedal your ass off. Get a better brand like Specialized, Trek, etc. if you plan to actually go thru with your plans and ride for a while.
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 1:22:10 PM EDT
Stay away from target/walmart bikes....look on CL or the local bike shop
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 1:38:43 PM EDT
My vote goes to a cyclocross bike. I love my specialized tricross. It's comfortable and sporty. I just rode 20 miles this morning on it. Spent the extra money on a quality bike that fits you properly and you'll not regret it. Craigslist is a great place to look.
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 1:52:51 PM EDT
Specialized Hard Rock. mine was $300 new but was about 12 years ago
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 2:02:50 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Droc556:
Like to keep it around 2 to 3 hundred.

That's like buying an AR for $200.
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