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Posted: 3/31/2001 8:00:49 PM EDT
Saw LEGP rifle today at the Market Hall show in Dallas today.  The RRA guns have absolutely the nicest receivers you can imagine - makes my Colts look like they were formed with a hammer and chisel - no shit.  I originally was turned off by the M4 style and muzzle treatment of the group buy rifle, but seeing it in person I can say that the rifle is very easy on the eyes, at least to me - beautiful.  The scope, OKO sight, rear iron sight options, sling, and Beta C were all top notch - very nice.  I bought three and honest to God, if I can swing it, I will see if I can afford a fourth - it is that sweet of a deal!  Father in law picked up a case of SA PMP for $140, a KelTec P32 slightly used for $200, a very nice used USGI mag for $10, and we both got some small tools we needed.  Also, myself and friends had purchased five cases of 1200 rnd IMI 55grain from Birmingham (Ammo or Enterprises or whatever - sorry, can't remember) at a show last year.  To get this ammount, the dealer had to gather up all of his display boxes - anyway, we found that three boxes were missing after we got home.  I told the dealer about it today, he didn't have any IMI on hand, so he gave me five boxes of PMP, no charge.  THAT is good business - I would recommend Birmingham Ammo to anyone!  Good show and had fun with my son and father-in-law.  It was my birthday today - happy birthday to me!
[<]:)]  [<]:)]  [<]:)]  [<]:)]  [<]:)]

Good to see Anti and Don again and meet a few new members too.

Link Posted: 3/31/2001 8:05:02 PM EDT
Happy Birthday!!  Three rifles???  Will you adopt me?


Link Posted: 3/31/2001 8:12:26 PM EDT
Congratulations on trying to corner the market on these Tate.[:D] I'm glad to know that you're happy with the RRAs. It was good to see you and your son again today, and a pleasure to meet your father in law. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we have them in time for TBRS IV.

BTW-Happy Birthday, you old fart!![<]:)]
Link Posted: 3/31/2001 8:17:59 PM EDT

For the uninitiated, what does LEGP mean?
Link Posted: 3/31/2001 8:22:31 PM EDT
Limited Edition Group Purchase.
Link Posted: 4/1/2001 4:49:41 AM EDT
Not a TAMU alumnus, but I've got an admiration for the school - I'll empty a mag in College Station's honor hen I get the rifles, Aggie1.

Again, good to see y'all, Don.

I made out *GREAT* in the "in-laws" department.  Sometimes their daughter is a bitch, but hey, look at who she's married to!! [;)]

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