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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/1/2001 7:37:44 PM EST
If you or anyone you care about has or carries a S&W 4006 or similar, read on. About two years ago, I returned from a range session and noticed a small crack at the right side of the feed ramp where it meets the chamber (about five o'clock position when looking into chamber). I promptly called S&W to see if they had any recalls or notices that I ought to know about as an armorer. "No, we don't know anything about that, but we'll send you 10 more bbls." That's about $100 a pop. Since then I've replaced about 30 bbls in my dept issued guns due to cracks in one or both sides of the feed ramp. To find, look in the chamber, look at 5 and 7 o'clock in the chrome flashed area. Look closely. Yes, I know they're small, BUT THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. Sorry I had to yell. Please check and have it fixed. I'd love a reply to know how widespread it is. Thanks in advance.
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 8:30:10 PM EST
I have one that I don't shoot much and it probably has less than 500 rounds throuh it. Is this something you notice after so many rounds? I will look at mine to see what it looks like.
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 4:02:09 AM EST
Big_B, I had put several thousand through my 4006 when I noticed it. Some of the others however probably only had 1000-1500 through it. Good luck.
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 4:22:31 PM EST
Just checked mine and didn't see anything. It's almost 8 years old and has seen a lot of use.
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 4:43:02 PM EST
I had one that I shot quite a bit but I never really liked the pistol. Not on topic though. Never noticed any cracks. Bought it when they first came out.
Link Posted: 8/3/2001 3:59:46 AM EST
I'm wondering if the guns with barrel problems might have been all part of the same department purchase, or if they were acquired over a period of time. The first would suggest maybe a bad days production at S&W while the second would point more to a design flaw. Do you have any info on this, Smitty?
Link Posted: 8/3/2001 4:15:14 PM EST
I don't blame you for yelling . I owned a 40 cal S&w traded it for a 5900 series . I have not had any problem with either . I am pretty sure that these guns are NOT rated for +p or +p+ ammo I hope this is not your problem . I like Smith pistles in general and have never had any major problem with any of mine . ( 5 total )
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