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Posted: 6/27/2002 10:00:38 AM EDT
SCARS - Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary System. Any of you guys learned this stuff? Any experience with the company? Their web site is http://www.scars.com/home.html and I heard that it's a very expensive but formidable way to be trained in hand to hand combat. Navy Seals, Delta and other Specops use this system. I am planning to buy the videos soon and I'm just wondering what you guys think?
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 11:38:15 AM EDT
:::cough:::bullshit:::cough::: I have yet to meet anyone from the military that has used anything other than Boxing and some grappling technics. That includes former Israeli military guys. IMHO SCARS, Krav Maga and their types are just the comercialization of the way we think the military trains. If they were used by the Elite of the Elite, do you really think they'd be putting out their techics out of VHS and selling it to everyone, including our enemies? Do you get a free Rambo knife with your order? You know, the one with the fishing hook and the wire saw that breaks when you try and use it tucked away in the handle.
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 11:41:40 AM EDT
Hold on to your cash! Do some some research on SCARS and you will find that it's a repackeaged version of Kung Fu San-Soo. They would like you to think that SEAL Teams, Delta etc. is using this system but they are not. SCARS was taught at BUDS for short time and then dropped for other systems. The SpecOps usually do not use just one style in anything. They usually like to try different things and go with what works for them and their mission at hand. If you are really interested in getting a good video check out Jim Grovers Combatives series. Very good no nonsense stuff. See my post below about WWII Combatives this should give some insight about what Grover's stuff is about. BTW "Jim Grover" is just Kelly Mccann's pen-name. Do a search Kelly Mccann and you'll find out some interesting stuff. Good luck!
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 12:06:38 PM EDT
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Thanks, Yojimbo. I'll check out Kung Fu San-Soo and Jim Grover. Vinnie, I've heard some bad things about people who actually took SAFTA, Krav Maga, Spetnaz, etc but never have I heard anything bad about those who actually learned SCARS either by video or the training exercises. Here is the course number taken by BUDS trainees: Course Number: K-431-0096 - Naval Special Warfare Training Command (Navy Seals) Here is another info from navyseals.com: Scars is based solely on Kung-Fu. The Scars system is not used at all in today's Navy SEAL Teams. Scars had only a limited and separate teaching. It's developer was never a SEAL or even a member of any other type of Special Forces. Scars has been banned from the Teams, and its developer ( who had merely changed the name "Kung Fu" to Scars) has been black listed for lying in his advertisements. Very few Navy SEALs ever took the Scars course-it's use was limited to BUDs students who were not yet SEALs. Here is an answer from www.sansoo.com about SCARS: I have noticed that Jerry Petersons SCARS system is very similar to San Soo in many ways. Is SCARS and San Soo one in the same? LS, Chicago, IL Bill Hulsey answers: I promoted Jerry Peterson, founder of the SCARS system, to black belt in San Soo right here in Bellflower, Ca. He is also a personal friend of mine. He went on to recieve his masters degree from Jimmy H. Woo. That is why similarities exist. Whenever Kung Fu San Soo is changed or modified it can no longer be called Kung Fu San Soo.
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 3:47:15 PM EDT
It's your money and your time. I've been in the martial arts for the last 17 years. Ive seen charlitains come and go. Every few years the "teams" seem to learn something new. The last rage was with Vunak and Filipino Kali, but like I said, it's your time and money. here are a few hints: 1)Belts are an American phenomena. 2) true Chinese systems don't rank by color but the Chinese system that do use ranking system refer to the "belts" as Sashes.
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 4:48:35 PM EDT
Thanks Vinnie, After reading more about Peterson's SCARS, it seems like he's using a lot of the Kung Fu Sans Soo, but he doesn't give credit to where credit is due. He's claiming that he invented SCARS and that it is unbeatable compared to Martial Arts. I also learned that he has a Black Belt Sans Soo but he doesn't claim any of this in the ads. His system may be ok, but he sounds fishy to me...
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 6:41:22 PM EDT
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Check out this link. [url]http://fighting.net/training.html[/url] [red]edited to activate link[/red] by Ed Sr
Link Posted: 6/28/2002 8:50:09 AM EDT
Originally Posted By Marvin: Check out this link. [url]http://fighting.net/training.html[/url] [red]edited to activate link[/red] by Ed Sr
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Well, speak of the devil. OK here's the skinny. Paul is a great Martial artist, and very good instructor and can make you feel like you could go into the Afgan country side and drag out Osama by his beard single handedly, and unarmed. Unfortunately, success has gone to his head (via his nose) and most of what he does now is to make the green for the white, BUT you never heard that from me, 'cause I'm not one to gossip.
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