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Posted: 8/3/2005 6:16:50 PM EDT
A few days ago the rear sight screw in my SW29 decided to divide in two.

I sent SW an email requesting the location to my nearest warranty station and if this type of repair was covered. I was informed that if it was purchased prior 1990 it should be covered (no abuse).

Prior leaving the weapon at the shop I asked if it was covered. They said if it was post 1990 and if I had the receipt confirming the date it would be. And they would call me when the repair was complete.

Yesterday, two weeks had passed. No call. I called and was told thet it was completed the same day I brought it in!. When I arrived I was given a bill for $32.00 I presented my original purchase receipt -1995, the clerk told me he had to check with the boss.

When he came back he told me that the screw was probably loose and since I didn't take care of it it failed. I proceeded to present them with the email response from SW. Back to the boss. Their response was "Take it up with SW"

This morning I emailed back SW and explained the way their warranty station treats customers.
a. I was told that I would be informed when the repair was done.
b. Then it became the purchase date issue
c. Then it was my fault that the screw failed
d. Last, it wasn't their problem, take it to SW

Later this morning the shop owner called me. Apparently SW forwarded my email to them and also did some smacking. He apologized and that it was not their intention to "mislead me" And that he would make it right during my next visit, to just ask for him. Baloney Sauce. Their shop is quite a ways from me. I told him to keep the money, I will consider it my "education surcharge" And that I would contact SW

I applaud SW decisive responsiveness, hopefully they will improve the behavior of the warranty center.



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