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Posted: 2/26/2001 8:26:59 AM EDT
FYI : http://georgebb.hfnm.com/NonCGI/Forum8/HTML/001849.html

Posted From George BB:

SWAT Officer Cleared in Fatal Shooting of Boy, 11, During Modesto Raid

                     SWAT Officer Cleared in Fatal Shooting of Boy, 11, During Modesto Raid

                     From Associated Press

                     MODESTO, Calif.--A SWAT team officer who shot an 11-year-old boy in the back during a
                     methamphetamine raid was cleared of criminal charges Thursday by the state attorney general.
                     The killing of Alberto Sepulveda was an accident, and there was no that evidence Modesto Officer
                     David Hawn intended to kill the boy, said Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer.
                     The boy was lying face down on his bedroom floor when Hawn's shotgun fired.
                     The Sept. 13 raid was part of a countywide effort to crack down on a methamphetamine drug
                     ring. The boy's father, Moises Sepulveda Sr., was arrested on charges of conspiracy to distribute
                     the drug.
                     Lockyer said the impact of the killing was devastating and compelled him to set up a committee to
                     review SWAT team practices in the state.
                     "Unfortunately, too many times the deployment of a SWAT team has resulted in the unintentional
                     death or injury to a peace officer or member of the public," Lockyer said.
                     The group of prosecutors, sheriffs, police officers, judges and other state and local officials is to
                     recommend SWAT team guidelines.
                     The findings of the 15-page report by Lockyer and Stanislaus County Dist. Atty. Jim Brazelton
                     mirror an earlier investigation by Modesto police.
                     Sepulveda's family has filed a federal lawsuit against the city, Hawn and three other officers.

FYI : They Found NO Drugs.


                     "Gonzalez said the Police Department report indicates that there was no reason to send the
                     SWAT team to the Sepulveda house. The attorney said Sepulveda was not involved in
                     methamphetamine trafficking, and there were no guns or drugs found in the house."

GUILTY when Accused.
Welcome to the POLICE STATE.


Seek the Truth
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Link Posted: 2/26/2001 9:21:57 AM EDT
It is blatantly obvious that Herr lockyer is just protecting his stormtroopers from any and all liability. If a regular peon "accidently" shot someone in the same fashion that bastard would call for prosecution and more gun bans. Equal protection under the law nowdays means absolutely nothing.

The Republic is lost.
Link Posted: 2/26/2001 9:53:21 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/26/2001 9:59:39 AM EDT
As pointed out in similar situations:

"At least the officer was able to go home safely at the end of his shift."

Link Posted: 2/26/2001 10:05:52 AM EDT
Notice in the article, it NEVER mention that NO Drugs were found.

But lead you to believe since it was done in the name of the WAR on Drugs, it was Justify.

More political correctness CRAP.



Never Again, Never Forget

Seek the Truth
Liberate Your Mind


Link Posted: 2/26/2001 10:42:59 AM EDT
As this is a declared "war", people like lockyer consider these deaths to be "collateral damage" and a normal forgiveable occurance during combat missions. What these JBTs don't realize that the more innocents that they turn into casualties, the more "civilians" they turn into partisans.
Link Posted: 2/26/2001 11:29:54 AM EDT
It's 99% of cops that give the rest a bad name.
Link Posted: 2/26/2001 11:30:26 AM EDT
"Unfortunately, too many times the deployment of a SWAT team has resulted in the unintentional death or injury to a peace officer or member of the public," Lockyer said.

[:(!]Then stop using the f'in SWAT teams!!![:(!]

He (lockyer) is banning guns becuase they are dangerous.  He just admitted that SWAT teams are dangerous.

Link Posted: 2/26/2001 11:36:39 AM EDT
In Denver a man was killed because a SWAT team entered the wrong house.  The officer that obtained the search warrant committed perjury to get it.  He was recently released of suspension and paid back pay.
Link Posted: 2/26/2001 12:14:56 PM EDT
Well there is a principal in law that you do not take the law into your own hands but you let the legal system deal out justice. But what happens when the legal system protects a certain class of people and they never have to worry about being punished for any crimes they commit. What will eventually happen is someone will decide that since they can not get justice from the legal system because those people are above the law, then there is no other recourse then to take the law into their own hands and administer justice themselves. And as time goes by more and more people will get justice themselves against these people who are above the law. What this will lead to is the destruction of our system of justice, because unless there is justice for all there can be justice for none.

I only know for sure what I would do if I had a family which I do not, and my son or daughter or wife was murdered by a police officer or other government agent, or anyone who was protected by the system, and that is I would have justice one way or the other. An eye for an eye a life for a life, but I would have justice regardless of what I had to do. So I believe that some day one of these police officers who does not receive justice for the crime of murder will be killed by the murder victims father, mother, or other family member. And eventually there will be vigilante groups who will make sure that the people receive justice. And who will be to blame for this, no one else but the legal system and the rest of the government which has permitted this injustice to flourish, and lets not forget the police themselves who believe they are above the law. And there will be mistakes made by these vigilantes since they are not perfect and there will be some good police officers who will be mistakenly killed. I am surprised that this has not already happened, but I believe that it is only a matter of time before this happens.    
Link Posted: 2/26/2001 12:24:22 PM EDT
What happens when law enforcement gets out of control and believes they are above the law?

You feed the hogs.  
Link Posted: 2/26/2001 12:35:22 PM EDT
SWAT KILLERS who have become an unauthorized standing army, are protected by their employers and the courts, just think if they were really held accountable, then they would no longer be loyal to their handlers, plain and simple. When one researches the laws state they quickly find that in order for DYNAMIC ENTRIES to be carried out by a series of felonies committed by the SWAT GUYS must be executed,
1)home invasion,
(2)firing into an occupied dwelling, car, truck, boat, plane or whatever,
(3) placing or launching an explosive charge into an occupied dwelling,
(4) wearing a face mask, just to name a few!

When they kill, the one killed was never tried, or convicted, only charged, but the SWAT KILLERS even go as far as denying basic and constitutional rights. What happened to the right to an appeal, if convicted? I am sure everyone gets the picture by now. In Florida there are no exemptions in the law for such outlawery, but no one is ever charged, reason, again,to keep the SWAT KILLERS loyal to their handlers.

BUT, "lets put the blame where it really belongs, "THE SILENT CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE!"

No, I do not hate police, I have family members, and best friends working in, or retired from police work.

"WE NEED ACCOUNTABILITY IN GOVERNMENT, until we bring back accountability, it will just keep happening!"
Link Posted: 2/26/2001 1:16:46 PM EDT
I have nothing against police officers.  I thank God they are there.

I do not like the militant use police forces by those in charge.

I was watching a news channel.  They were covering the Marti Gras celebration in Seattle.  Lots of people, lots of drinking, minor incidents, not too big of a deal.  

According to the report police got a 'report of a man with a gun'.  The police moved in force to arrest this individual (to my knowledge he was never identified or arrested) when the party goers became upset.

At this point the police moved in with full riot gear spraying pepper spray and thowing tear gas grenades.  The celbration quicky became a riot.

One has to wonder if they had waited to move on 'the man with a gun' until he had used it would there have been a riot?  Would the man use the gun to kill innocent party goers?  What if the police had moved in with only a few officers?  What about plain cloths officers?

Does anybody have any links to this incident?  I got a bad feeling watching the police massed in riot gear moving in on the crowd most of which were just there to have a good time.
Link Posted: 2/26/2001 1:45:34 PM EDT
The police really need to get a handle on this $hit, can they not see that this in'nt helping them out in the community.  The thinking that collateral damage is o.k. is exactly how they see this I know for a fact!  I was talking to a cop the other day about the cop that shot the wrong person in FL a month or so ago, and he said sometimes in a op like that you have collateral damage.  Well, WTF?  This really pisses me off.[:(!]
Link Posted: 2/27/2001 8:03:25 AM EDT
Related Story:


Cover-up allegations forwarded to federal authorities
DENVER (AP) - Police Chief Gerry Whitman has turned over to federal authorities allegations by a private investigator that police covered up evidence in a deadly drug raid at the wrong house.
The allegations were based on research by James Kearney, a retired FBI agent and now a private investigator who looked into the shooting of Ismael Mena. Mena, a Mexican immigrant, was shot and killed by officers who raided the wrong house in northeast Denver in 1999.

An internal police investigation concluded that SWAT officers killed Mena because he fired at them. Kearney has said he believes Mena did not shoot and might have been unarmed.

Whitman said he would have no comment on the allegations until the federal inquiries are finished.

Kearney claimed that after Mena was shot, officers dragged him across his bedroom and shot him again. Two bullets went through Mena's body and were later found under the carpet, he said.

His report also claims police fired bullets into a wall near the staircase to make it seem as though Mena shot at them.

Some members of the SWAT team have filed a lawsuit against Kearney for his statements.

The Justice for Mena committee distributed the allegations at a news conference Thursday outside police headquarters.

Whitman said that Kearney has written several letters to police in the last two months outlining his allegations. He said his department forwarded them to the U.S. Justice Department, the Denver District Attorney's Office and Jefferson County District Attorney Dave Thomas.

Spokeswoman Christine Romano said the Justice Department has received Kearney's allegations and the results of an FBI inquiry and is reviewing them.

The Denver police Crimes Against Persons Bureau is also looking into the allegations, Whitman said.

Thomas was a special prosecutor in the perjury case against officer Joseph Bini, who wrote an affidavit for no-knock search warrant for the raid that sent officers to the wrong house.

Bini pleaded guilty to misdemeanor official misconduct and has returned to the police force after a three-month suspension.
Link Posted: 2/27/2001 8:46:02 AM EDT
One thing I could never understand is when something like this happens and an innocent person is injured or killed by a government officer or agent, that agent cannot be held accountable because he or she is "an official arm of the government and the collateral damage was an unfortunate byproduct of a legitimate law enforcement function" but if the same agent is injured or killed he or she or she then becomes a "poor, caring human being."

I'd like to believe the caring human being part, but I also believe a choice has to be made, one way or the other.  Either choose to be a human being and treat others that way or choose to be an official, mechanical, almost inanimate "untouchable arm" of the government.  You can't be both.  Friends and family of mine who are currently or have been law enforcement officers/agents mostly feel this way too, but their usual response if asked the same question is "well, that's just the way things are."  Yeah well, that's not a good enough answer.

Anyway, that child's death is a tragedy and we as American citizens share responsibility for this tragedy through our creation and either direct or indirect support of this type of public policy enforcement.

Link Posted: 2/27/2001 9:49:59 AM EDT
Well things will not change until something happens to force a change. One thing that I believe would cause a change is if they killed a really wrong person, like what would happen if a Massachusetts SWAT team raided the wrong house and killed a member of the Kennedy clan or someone else who belonged to a powerful family either political or someone like a Dupont or Trump. Now that would cause those cops to be in a lot of trouble wouldn’t it.

And what about if the family of the victim or a vigilante group got some street justice and killed the cops responsible for the murder of the innocent person. That would put the fear back into them for sure, they will have the legal system on their side so they never have to fear official justice but they will still have to fear the people’s justice. And remember what the Nazi’s did during the war, if the resistance killed one German soldier then the Nazis would kill several or even 100 residents of the town that the resistance fighters came from. So how about if the police murder one of us then we kill in revenge 10 of them, until they start acting like decent people and stop committing murder “in the line of duty”. The police like everyone else have to be held accountable for their actions and that is the bottom line.         Sniper for Justice
Link Posted: 2/27/2001 10:21:27 AM EDT

I think it's not only just the police fault, but also the [b]NAZI lawmakers[/b] ,i.e. perata, (and the sheeples who support them) who set the policy and continue the WAR Against the people.

I wished the police could do more to resist and speak out against the UN-Constitutional Laws, but they say they are just doing their jobs, it not their job to write the laws, just enforce them.

It the WILLFULLY IGNORANT sheeples are the worst thing to happen to this Country. DAMN I hate those ignorant stupid people. They don't want to be awake, they like their ignorant BLISS.

Know your True Target.

I don't want to flame the Good LEO, but some of them do Know what they doing is wrong.


Never Again, Never Forget

Seek the Truth
Liberate Your Mind



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