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Posted: 6/14/2009 3:52:55 PM EST
2003 Ford Expedition 33000 miles.

2 weeks ago I went for my first smog. Not knowing they check the computer it didnt pass because the week before I was doing some tuning with a programmer I have, and by default when a new program is entered it erases all codes. Ive been working out of town so I never get to drive my truck. The emissions passed with no pollutants just the computer check failed.
They told me to drive 100 miles and come back. Since I have a code reader I did verify the code p1000, monitor checks not complete. Well finally after 2 weeks and 460 miles it finally clears, and at the same time today I get a code for low idle, which I have fixed in the past by spraying out a idle air valve. But now my check engine light is on because of that idle. I sprayed out the valve and the idle is perfect again. (BTW there was no code for the idle before when I did the programming 2 weeks ago)
Since the smog place is closed I cant call them and ask if its a problem with that code to pass smog, I dont want to erase it and have to spend another $100+ in gas and another 2 weeks of weekend driving.
Can it pass if there are codes, I really dont think the low idle is a big deal but I only have 1 free retest and dont want to spend even more money again.
Link Posted: 6/14/2009 4:31:59 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/14/2009 5:20:11 PM EST
Originally Posted By Quintin:
I'm not a smog guy, but I would think that if the MIL is on and codes are stored, that's a no-go for passing.

And if you want to ultimately fix it, replace the IAC.

The first time I bought the IAC but then saw it was such a easy part to clean I returned the $120 part. Ive read its a common problem. I just dont want to have to waste more gas driving around if I clear the code. I really dont see how its anyone's business what codes I have stored, the exhaust pipe test was super low almost nothing, that should be what they go after. Even if I can somehow trick the computer for the test it still doesnt put out any pollution so whats the big deal.
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