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Posted: 9/9/2004 6:36:41 AM EDT
well yall, im back in the swing of things after enjoying 2 weeks back at home for r&r.
first off, i wanna say thanks to the general public for their awesome support of folks in the military, especially the people who bent over backwards to help us upon arrival at dfw airport.

ive never been treated so good by people in my life as when i had to go places in my dcus, i went out for dinner with my wife in my dress blues and some anomoyus person picked up half of our bill, made me feel good about what im doing.

i also had a great time back at home in michigan meeting and shooting with a few site members who came out to a shoot. thanx guys it was a blast.

back on the iraq front things seem to have setteled a little in our area of operations, and the insurgents seem to be focusing a little further south of us, but that could change as soon as i log off, you never know with these bastards.

all in all things have gone fairly well for me up to this point, minus the near miss incidents with the mortars and a few other things. giving our scheduled redeploy time weve just passed the halfway point of our tours.

when i finally do get back im going to have some great videos and pix to post, now that i have a new digital camera, and a laptop to edit them on.

once again i would like to take the chance to thank those of you sendingv packages thru the adopt a platoon program, and some of the industry members who have made the attempt to make sure that me and the guys have everything we could think we need, yall are great.

just thought yall might want a general update from on of your own out here in the field,

till next time,

Link Posted: 9/9/2004 6:51:51 AM EDT
Stay safe, and thank you.
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