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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/21/2001 8:51:18 AM EST
I just had a little disagreement with one of our fine FedEx antigun liberal dike representatives today about shipping fire arm parts across state lines. I am returning an upper receiver and carry handle to a fire arm manufacturer and was asked what's in the box (not even sure if that's legal), and so I answered truthfully and she freaked! We can't ship that. I continued to explain that there is not a complete firearm in the box, not even the part with a serial number. What I had in the box was not able to be assembled or fired. She then flipped through some manuals and said we can ship it but it has to go overnight. Again we argued and I asked her to reference this "law" whether it be a FedEx or Federal law. She couldn't. It was all packed up and ready to ship, stickers on the box so I went ahead and had them ship it. I've even spoke to a FedEx rep and they're not sure. But now I'm piping mad and if anyone could supply me with a statute or law of some sort supporting this issue, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 9:28:59 AM EST
She's wrong - non firearms (parts but no frame or receiver) can ship like a box full of candy. No restrictions, no nothing. You can send them US Postal service, even. In the case of long guns, complete firearms, or firearm frames or receivers can also go US Mail, or UPS or whatever, but must be declared when shipped, sent 'adult signature required', can only go interstate to or from a licensee, and in the case of a complete firearm, must be unloaded. Ammunition cannot go by US Mail - must ship by common carrier with proper markings. Handguns cannot go by US Mail except between license holders, in the course of normal business. Handguns to/from a non-licensee must go by common carrier, and most carriers require that it be sent by next-day air service (because otherwise they can't seem to keep their own employees from stealing them, so pass the cost of these thefts on to you in the form of a higher next-day air shipping costs). Next time the fedex lady asks you what you're shipping, tell her 'machine parts' or 'returning defective parts', as long as it's not actually a complete firearm, or a frame or receiver.
Link Posted: 12/21/2001 10:00:19 AM EST
I had a similar experince with UPS. The only difference was I was receiving the upper receiver. The box was dented in transit, so UPS opened it. When they saw what it was they contacted the delivery center manager, who went to the regional manager, who went to the dangerous goods manager. They thought it was a "Machine Gun". I had to tell them what it was and pick it up from the delivery center. Crazy. Brad
Link Posted: 12/24/2001 10:30:55 PM EST
My scariest situation was recently in an Airport. I had ridden Greyhound to the nearest Southwest Airlines Hub and Greyhound doesn't accept baggage over 48" or something like that. So, I checked with the airlines regarding "Firearms Parts." I left my shotgun at home and packed an upper in my checked luggage and my ammo. in a Locked Pistol Case. Well, I got up to the counter and asked again. The response was spare parts don't need to be in a Rifle Case. Well, my Checked luggage get searched for obvious reasons (my asking that question.) The moron pulls out my upper and is somehow convinced it is a Machine Gun. It took me quite a while to convince him it was simply a spare part. On top of that, the dickweed offered me $80 to sell it to him. On top of that all, I had 120 Rounds of .223 and 20 Rounds of 9mm. SWA states up to 120 Rounds of Rifle and X Rounds of Pistol, etc. But no more in total than 11 pounds. Well, they say that I can only have 120 Rounds. I try explaining the difference to no avail. I just gave up and gave the extra 20 Rounds of .223 to one of the Guards at the airport. He seemed rather glad to have the ammo. Hmm, do they issue those guys ammo. for their M16s ? Well, I get to the terminal and my carry-on is hand searched. Then right before boarding "The Computer Randomly Chooses" a number of people to have their carry-ons hand searched. Guess what, I was one of those "Lucky" people chosen by the computer. I beginning to suspect since this has happned everytime I have checked a firearm, but not when I didn't check a firearm that the alogarithm isn't so random.
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