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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/1/2001 12:09:13 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/1/2001 12:06:07 AM EST by HANGFIRE]
Link Posted: 8/1/2001 12:15:50 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/1/2001 12:29:32 AM EST by raven]
Dude, as much as I don't like NMD because it seems to be nothing but a way of sucking taxpayers' money into the pockets of defense industries like sweet sweet marrow from a bone.... JOE CONASON IS A CLINTONISTA!!!! Total Clinton hack journalist, the worst of the worst. Salon.com was a Clinton White House media mouthpiece, and gears 90% of its content to Clinton lovers and their sensibilities. Their best columnist is Camille Paglia who by all stereotypes (lesbian, academic, artist) should be a total Democrat booster. But her articles are full of well reasoned arguments and truthful honest observations. It's kind of shocking, actually. I haven't seen anything by her lately but if you see her byline, be sure to check her out. Ignore the lies written by Conason. Here's a list of his achived articles' titles: [b]Give him a break Why do pundits heap scorn on writer David Brock, who lied to protect Clarence Thomas, but give a pass to other disgraced journalists -- like Mike Barnicle and John Stossel? By Joe Conason [07/03/01] Take it public The failure of energy deregulation should make us reconsider blind faith in the market -- and take a second look at public power systems like the one that lights up Hollywood. By Joe Conason [06/19/01] Bush's double standard The president demands severe punishment for drug and alcohol offenders -- unless they're members of the Bush clan. By Joe Conason [06/05/01] The Arkansas Project wasn't journalism Ted Olson's defenders say the Clinton-bashing effort was protected by the First Amendment -- and besides, Olson didn't know much about it anyway. They're wrong on both counts. By Joe Conason [05/22/01] Bush league America's ouster from the U.N. Human Rights Commission reveals the arrogant incompetence of Bush's vaunted "wise men." By Joe Conason [05/08/01] Blinded by the right A prominent conservative leader makes an anti-Semitic comment, and his colleagues on the right look the other way. By Joe Conason [04/24/01] Ted Olson's anti-Clinton past Bush's solicitor general-designate can't hide his connection to the notorious "Arkansas Project." By Joe Conason [04/05/01] Has Bush doomed his tax cut? By sowing fear about the economy, the president has opened the door for the Democrats' quick-fix tax plan. By Joe Conason [03/27/01] The Bush pardons Now this is Rich: They include a Watergate felon, a Cuban exile terrorist and a Pakistani heroin smuggler. But where was the outrage then? By Joe Conason [02/27/01] Pardon for peace? How the Middle East impasse and the Jonathan Pollard case influenced Clinton's decision to pardon Marc Rich. By Joe Conason [02/13/01] Ted Olson? You've got to be kidding How does Bush expect to "raise the tone" in Washington by nominating a right-wing celebrity and Kenneth Starr pal as solicitor general? By Joe Conason [02/06/01] The artful dodger John Ashcroft's nose is growing faster than Pinocchio's during his Senate confirmation hearings. As attorney general, will he be as evasive with the truth? By Joe Conason [01/30/01] Ashcroft's tough Sell A segregationist group is banking on the hard-on-crime attorney general nominee to drop a murder conspiracy case against one of its own. By Joe Conason [01/16/01] Patriot missile Challenging Gore's patriotism is a disgraceful ploy the Bush campaign -- and Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf -- should have resisted. By Joe Conason [11/21/00] [/b]
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