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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/13/2001 8:29:18 PM EST
Hey guys, Which do you recomend? The SAR1 or the 2? Its 7.62, or 5.45x39 for those who don't know. I am looking to get one soon! Would have had an AR, but I busted up me knee. Any thoughs or suggestions would be great. Thanks! -Jared
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 2:30:59 AM EST
I have the SAR2, love it. Great round, I'd get it over that SAR1. I think they're cheaper and a little more scarce than the SAR1's.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 3:54:06 AM EST
The only problem with the SAR 2 is ammo availability. All producers are ex-east block countries, however that fact isn't the problem. All the US Government has to do is stop ammo imports, and you are totally out of luck. Unkile 2 years ago, there may be enough guns for a domestic producer to start production, but the cost will be high. 7.62*39 will still be cheap (Though not wolf cheap), and is now a permenant addition to gun store racks.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 4:16:44 AM EST
Thought I read somewhere recently that someone in the USA was gearing up for production of 5.45x39 ammo.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 4:40:39 AM EST
No question about it , Go with the SAR-2. Recoil is almost like a 22mag and bakelite mags are cheap $5.00 used.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 4:49:29 AM EST
SAR-2 too.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 5:14:17 AM EST
How about a SAR3? Ammo availability would be no problem.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 5:16:22 AM EST
Sar-3s don't have a good reputation for mechanical geometry. Also, the magazines are suspect. Want an AK? Get an battle-tested AK caliber.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 11:24:49 AM EST
You'd better get on the stick- a guy posted that AIM surplus is out of SAR 1's, and went from having 400 SAR 2's to only having 50 in about a day!
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 3:21:04 PM EST
aim is currently out of the sar-1/7.62x39 akm. however, i would have recommended the sar-2/5.45 ak-74, anyway.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 3:23:35 PM EST
I prefer the SAR-1.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 3:35:42 PM EST
I like the SAR-2. Well, I used to like my SAR-2. Now I just like watching ARlady shoot it. It used to mine [>Q]
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 3:36:29 PM EST
SAR 2, mags are so cheap state side it would be crazy not to!
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 3:38:21 PM EST
Grizzly, Buy both. Go here for your ammo: [url]www.aimsurplus.com[/url] Go here for your mags: [url]http://ak-47.gunsnet.net/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=14617[/url]
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 3:39:00 PM EST
Grizzly, you might want to consider one of the .223 guns from Arsenal USA. They cost a bit more, but more then worth it, in my opinion. If you are used to an AR type fit and finish, you'll be disappointed with an SAR 1 or 2. The Arsenal guns have really nice wood and a nice even parkerizing. There would also be no need to worry about ammo, as it would shoot the same thing as your AR.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 7:18:50 PM EST
I really like my SAR 1, ran a half a case through it at a blasting session ( first chance in about 6 years, shoot too much HPower and bullseye ! ) no malfuctions, though very sore trigger finger ! Since 5.45 ammo is now cheap, I ordered a SAR-2. The nice thing about them is there cheap and they work, the bad is the quality of fit and finish,crooked sites ec.
Link Posted: 9/15/2001 4:01:31 AM EST
Did you know that Mikhail Kalishnikov (spelling?), actually was against a smaller round, he wanted to improve upon the 7.62X39 round. I personally like the 5.45X39 round because it is light and produces a hydraulic type wound like the 5.56 NATO
Link Posted: 9/15/2001 7:34:07 AM EST
Originally Posted By Listen2: Did you know that Mikhail Kalishnikov (spelling?), actually was against a smaller round,
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Yup! Seen it on tales of the gun last night![:d] Thanks for all the replies everyone.. Still undecided, though! -Jared
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