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6/2/2020 2:34:59 PM
Posted: 1/11/2003 7:46:45 AM EDT
Q: "What's the difference between a Rottweiler and a Social Worker?"
A: "It's easier to get your baby back from a Rottweiler."

Q. What has four legs and an arm?
A. A happy rottweiler.

Two young boys are walking down the street. Out from an alley runs a rabid rottweiler and attacks the 2nd boy. The first boy grabs a 2X4 laying near the alley and beats the dog to death and saves his friend's life.
A reporter from the St. Louis Post Dispatch gets wind of the story and requests an interview from the 1st boy. He runs the story on the front page and the headline reads: Rams Fan Bravely Saves Friend's Life From A Rabid Rottweiler."
The boy calls the reporter and says, "I'm not a Rams fan." The reporter says, "Well, I just thought that since you are from St. Louis that you would be a Rams fan. I'll correct the mistake in tomorrow's paper."
The next day the front page reads: Chiefs Fan Bravely Saves Friend's Life From Rabid Rottweiler The boy calls the reporter and says, "I'm not a Chiefs fan either!" The reporter says, "Are you a fan of football at all?"
The boy says, "Yes. In fact, I am a die hard Cowboys fan." The reporter agrees to note the change in the next day's newspaper.
The next day the front page reads: Red Neck Bastard Kills Beloved Family Pet!


Did you hear Lassie had a son with a Rottweiler?
It rips off your arm, then runs for help.

What's the difference between a Jewish Mother and a Rottweiler?
Eventually the Rottweiler lets go...

A man walks into a bar one day and asks,
"Does anyone here own that rottweiler outside?"
"Yeah, I do!" a biker says, standing up. "What about it?"
"Well, I think my chihuahua just killed him..."
"What are you talkin' about?!" the biker says, disbelievingly.
"How could your little runt kill my rottweiler?"
"Well, it seems he got stuck in your dog's throat!"

One man visits a rabbi and asks him to circumcise his dog.
-In no case, answers the rabbi exasperately. -Such a blasphemy!
The man explains he'll pay ten thousand dollars cash. The rabbi hesitates and asks:
-Oh, and what sort of dog is it?
-Rottweiler, answers the man.
-Rottweiler, Rottweiler,the rabbi thinks aloud. -This is a nice Jewish name, isn't it?
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