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Posted: 6/14/2001 2:09:47 AM EDT
I have a bolt action Romanian training rifle I bought for $39 and I really like it. It seem to shoots pretty darn accurate. I cant believe it was only $39. Anyway I am thinking about putting acope on it and I was wondering if anyone has any idea what kind of scope mounts I should use. When I bought the guy gave me a set of scope mounts but they did not close enough to securly fit on the rifle. I ended up using them on a different rifle. Just looking for some info. Six
Link Posted: 6/14/2001 2:30:45 AM EDT
The Romanian Trainer is a .22LR right. At least on my Marlin .22 Rifle, regular air gun (Daisy) Scopes are used. Go down to Wal-Mart and check with their sporting goods department. You should be able to get a scope and mounts pretty cheap. Check the top of the action, if there is a raised section running alond the top that runs along the middle, that is probably a rail for a Daisy Air Rifle Scope. I used an air rifle scope on my .22. This one had adjustable magnification and was a little more expensive than the one on the air rifle I had as a kid, but then again the gun only cost $69 with a scope and sling. Though, later, the sling broke causing the gun to fall on hard concrete and pretty much be rendered useless. Really sucks, well at least I can get another pretty cheap.
Link Posted: 6/14/2001 5:50:22 AM EDT
I've got one too, and assumed that the rail milled into the reciever was a standard tip off mount type. Surprise surprise, it's narrower than the tip off .22 mounts we use. Anyhow, I took a set of Chinese tipoff mounts I had kicking around the house, pulled off the clamping part and filed the bases narrower. Took a couple of hours of file and try, but they fit just fine now. Don't know about the Daisy BB gun mounts. Maybe they are narrower than the standard .22 tipoff types.
Link Posted: 6/14/2001 7:38:14 PM EDT
As I was sitting here stewing after posting complaints about South Carolina's CWP scam and about how I've never been approved by NICS, my wife just made my day, week, month, etc.! She walked in with what I believe is a Romanian training rifle. We went to a gun show in Charlotte, NC last Saturday. She bought the gun, and snuck it out into the car while we had separated to look at what we were each interested in. I had assumed she was simply spending time at the jewelry, kitchen knives, and food tables (several people were there selling hot sauce which she bought a few bottles of). Well, I'm surprised! She had a friend of mine clean-up the gun and refinish the stock. That was some quick work. I'm going shooting tomorrow! I've been depressed lately, because I still can't get the bolt on my Oly to close over the top of a magazine, but having a new rifle to shoot is so very nice. $39 sounds like a good price. She said she paid $55 plus tax for this one, and the dealer was asking $59.95. My thoughtful wife decided long before the show that she was going to buy something for me. She talked to a local gun smith, and she said for this price point he recommended a Turkish Mauser or a Romanian training rifle. She flipped a coin to decide which one to get at the show. While I would have liked the idea of having a powerful 8mm Mauser, 22LR is so cheap to feed. I don't have any children of my own, but I do have lots of great-nieces and great-nephews. I've shown a couple of them how to shoot with my Marlin Model 60 (12 shot tube feed semi) so far this year, but I feel much better about taking the rest to the range with this bolt-action rifle. Anyone have a link to more information on these rifles? Parts? Magazines? Maintenance? The serial number on mine is B855X, and I'm pretty sure it is a Romanian training rifle. It doesn't have 22LR stamped on the barrel, but she said the dealer said it was.
Link Posted: 6/14/2001 8:02:10 PM EDT
OK, I've confirmed my rifle is a Romanian Training 22LR rifle. I found some great pictures of one at: [url]http://www.ozarkguns.com/HTM/romania.htm[/url] I did some final cleaning on the bore, and just looked through it. I have never seen one this shiny. I'm impressed! If any of you guys want a 22LR rifle, then I recommend giving this one a look.
Link Posted: 6/14/2001 10:37:08 PM EDT
A dealer friend did a mass Romanian22 order a few months ago 50 plus rifles. Got rifles from the early 70's thru 1988 , the early rifles had a narrow groove too small for any rings the later ones had a wider groove and some had no dove tail at all ! we ordered some of the special 1" rings from SOG and Burns Bros. these rings would work on sme rifles and not on others. I wuld do as someone else suggested and get one of those cheap 10 $ tip off 22 scopes and give it a try, you will probably have to cut off the fixed rear sight leaf to clear a scope 2.
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