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Posted: 5/9/2004 2:22:28 PM EST
I didn't know where to post this so I'm trying this forum. I was wondering if anyone knew where I can purchase a Robinson M96 in California. My usual gun store is shutting down shop and can't get one for me anymore. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Link Posted: 5/9/2004 2:29:36 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/9/2004 2:30:06 PM EST by TheRedHorseman]
I'm pretty sure they arent even legal in the PRK for new sales
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 2:37:37 PM EST
They are legal if you can find a dealer willing, just have to be imported without the pistol grip attatched. Try asking on www.calguns.net in the forums. I don't know of any in the sf bay area.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 2:48:40 PM EST

This is the Kali legal M96

Link Posted: 5/9/2004 3:22:12 PM EST
Yep, the rifle has to be shipped without the pistol grip. I'm not too worried about the pistol grip though ho

Damn I hate the PRK. I hope the house the builders would finish the house in Vegas already. You can buy full auto in Nevada right?

Link Posted: 5/9/2004 3:24:09 PM EST
I think armusa in anaheim will/should do it.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 3:37:19 PM EST
what a shame.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 4:48:39 PM EST
Cool, I'll call ARM USA tomorrow morning.

Anyone recommend a good dealer in Nevada? I'm planning on getting everything under the sun there.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 5:01:44 PM EST
Can someone in California install a pistol grip themselves after it has been shipped in without one?

Thank God I live in the South.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 5:22:07 PM EST

Originally Posted By USPC40:
Can someone in California install a pistol grip themselves after it has been shipped in without one?

Thank God I live in the South.


However, some 'creative' shooters have been known to attach the pistol grip to their GLOVE and then simply slide it up onto the rifle when the shoot. The idea is that it's not a part of the rifle (but rather part of the glove), and thus not an 'evil feature'...
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 6:40:19 PM EST
^-- LOL-Jimbo
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 8:41:23 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/9/2004 8:42:52 PM EST by Atencio]
If you are in the process of waiting for a house to be built in Nevada I wouldnt even screw around about overpaying for a pistol grip-less M96. I would wait and buy an AR15 when you finally move. Unless you are talking about it taking longer than say the end of the year.
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 11:40:01 AM EST

Originally Posted By n00bie:
Cool, I'll call ARM USA tomorrow morning.

Probably by now you'd have realized that ARM USA is closed. In any case they didn't open on Monday. They are changing their business model to a private club of sort. Try Flag Guns in Fullerton or Gold Coast Trading Co. in Huntingtion Beach.

Which of your usual store is closing?
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 3:42:42 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/10/2004 3:56:05 PM EST by n00bie]
Tuan's Corp on Nogales. It's in Rowland Heights-Jimbo
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