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Posted: 6/16/2014 4:58:09 AM EDT
Hey yall Im guessing I put this in the right spot if not delete it and flog me with a wet herring.
Anywho, Im getting a PS4 and was wondering what some of the guys playing think are the must have games. Thats disc and DL stuff.
Also any tips for a new Playstation convert?
Link Posted: 6/16/2014 5:12:14 AM EDT
Right now I'm playing Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein, and am really enjoying both. Battlefield 4, Infamous, and Killzone are also great.
Link Posted: 6/16/2014 5:22:24 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/16/2014 5:23:07 AM EDT by bigdog02]
Battlefield 4 is not bad at all, still glitchy at times but not bad. Single player is engaging and fun, multiplayer has a lot of unlock options and very nice maps.
Wolfenstein is a pretty sweet game, but be warned - it is only a single player game, no multiplayer. Very nice graphics, and I though the characters were well put together and the storyline was pretty good. If you played the older wolfenstein, you will like the walk around and shoot stuff sort of feel.
Call of Duty Ghosts is like all the other COD games. Mindless shooting - but it is fun. I actually liked the singple player on this too.
Watch Dogs I have not played, but many of my friends are loving it. It has an open world feel much like GTA.
Infamous I have not played either (never played the first one) but my friends have been loving it as well. Open world game where you can seriously eff some stuff up.

Advice for a new Playstation convert: since you have to have a PS+ membership to run the games on the PS4, go through the free games that are available to PS+ members. Lots of good stuff in there, all free to download and play (as long as you are a PS+ member).
Games off the top of my head: Don't Starve, Resogun, Outlast.
Link Posted: 6/16/2014 5:23:11 AM EDT
Unfortunately, the games list for PS4 is pretty slim at the moment:

Must Haves:
BF4 (if you're into that sort of thing)
Infamous: Second Son (I haven't played it but I've heard great things)

Everything else, right now, is...well it's not that it's bad it just isn't anything special over PS360.

However, after playing the destiny "alpha" this weekend...just go ahead and preorder nao.
Link Posted: 6/16/2014 4:53:20 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/16/2014 4:54:05 PM EDT by JesseCJC]
right now, there are no exclusives that are "must haves" (althrough I have not played Infamous: Second Son) so it's pretty much play whatever you would on either system. The only good free game from the PSN is Outlaw. That game is creepy as hell and very good for an indie game. Killzone 4 is a PS4 exclusive and it is very good but I can't say that you would get much out of it if you haven't played the others that were on ps3
The games I currently play are:
Assassins creed black flag
Battlefield 4
Tomb Raider
Link Posted: 6/16/2014 8:33:14 PM EDT
Currently my favorite game on the PS4 is Wolfenstein. Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty are decent, as is Lego Marvel Superheroes. I didn't care for Assassin's Creed Black Flag.
Link Posted: 6/17/2014 1:55:59 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/17/2014 10:40:34 AM EDT by duhflushtech]
As others said it's a pretty small library at the moment. Next spring things will look a lot better. IMO:

Ass Creed 4
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
Wolfenstein New Order
Watch Dogs
Infamous Second Son

Also, a couple of smaller titles to check out:
Outlast (horror game)

All of those are primarily or solely single player games, so if you really want that MP fix, I guess pick up Battlefield 4 or CoD whatever number they are up to now. BF4 is still a buggy mess last time I checked, and the latest CoD is the most mediocre one in years. Neither is anywhere near as good as their predecessors, IMO.

I personally thought Killzone 4 was meh - pretty game, but kinda bland in the story and gameplay. Multiplayer was decent. Watch Dogs doesn't do much for me either TBH, but a lot of others seem to like it. I'd pick up the others first though; WD just came out so it's still full-price. Some of the others I mentioned have dropped in price.

Of all the ones I listed, if you haven't played Tomb Raider yet I'd go with that one. It came out early last year so it's not a brand new game, but it was easily one of the best games of last year, and it looks great on the next gen systems. Plus, it's cheapish these days. Amazon has it for $40.

If you've already played TR, then Wolfenstein would be my second pick. Also a great game. It's a new release though, so it will be full price or close to it.

ETA: The Last of Us, one of the best games to ever come out on the PS3, is being up-res'd and ported to the PS4. I think its coming at the end of this month? If you haven't played it yet, I'd highly recommend that one too.

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