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Posted: 2/23/2002 1:07:11 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/23/2002 1:09:54 AM EST by pdm]
I attended my VA disability brief today in anticipation of my retirement. May be a mute point as I'm stop lossed but I'm continuing to drive on. Any words of wisdom in submitting my claims to the VA? Personal experiences? My records have some stuff documented but team medics also treated a lot of stuff. Problems are mostly injuries such as numbness in the arms from a neck injury, arthritis in the hips, the normal gambit of joint problems and fungal/ parasites (Giardia). Is there anything that I should know in preparation of submitting claims to the VA? AAR/ Lessons Learned? Thanks in advance.
Link Posted: 2/23/2002 3:36:57 AM EST
PDM, I have sent you a pivate email on what to expect and what you must do now. Folks in my office are working some stop loss actions. I will check it out on Monday and see what happens i f you can not pass the PT/physical. Maybe you can get out now and get one of these big contractor jobs. Believe me, we need good contractors to keep the military going. This war is not a grunts war but a special ops war. We have had this capability for years and now it is being put to good use. I am proud of these kids but if you are 40+ better to get out of their way. We are now over the hill.
Link Posted: 2/23/2002 3:54:37 AM EST
Copy every single page of your medical record, and have an officer certify every page as a true copy. Hook up with Lagion or VFW or DAV, let them file the claim for you. It is a paperwork fight, nothing medical involved. My VA physical was a old doc poking my knee through my jeans. He refused my offer to take them off so he could see the knee.
Link Posted: 2/23/2002 6:27:01 AM EST
The following was sent to me via email by ARSTAF. I'm posting it with his permission:
1. Your army physical will be done by doctors who first and foremost want to get you out of the Army. They may or may not have the time to sit there and try to document every little thing and every little thing is worth money for the rest of your life. 2. If you think the VA is going to help you pick up the lose ends you are dead wrong. Why? Well it works like this; they (VA) have a pot of money. They have more vets than money needed. So what they do is pay out to those vets that work the system. In my life time I have known guys who deserved a lot and got next to nothing. Conversely, I have known some who got much more than they deserved. Just got to blow it off and move on. Look, not all the people you meet in the VA are working against you, some are wonderful. But remember they can only do so much with the system. 3. Now there are three things you must do to get what is your right. Hey you paid the price for admission and VA compensation is not welfare. Always remember that. a. Copy all your records. Build a 201 & a medical file and keep them in a safe place. b. If you can afford it get a complete physical exam from an outside doctor, do it. I had a 10th SFG(A) Master Sgt. up at Ft Devens go to the layhe clinic and they gave him a computer print out of all his problems. Everybody he worked with after that was pleased. The Army doctors at his retirement physical and the army medical disabilities board was pleased as they did not have to make any judgement calls on him. c. Join the DAV or any other veterans group. They will represent you with the VA at all your medical boards. A $100 life membership will pay off in more ways I have time to list.
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Link Posted: 3/29/2002 10:42:36 AM EST
Do not wait to file. I did and it cost me. Try to get the names, from memory if need be, of the corpsmen who treated you without actual Dr.s present. Every little bit helps.
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