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Posted: 12/24/2003 10:19:48 PM EDT
I just bought an electronic lock (G&S 6120) and need to install it on my safe.  

How in the Hell do I get the old dial lock off?  It looks like I have to use a dremel and remove a brass pin that holds the yumblers on.  

ANY help will be greatly appreciated.  I have gotten no where with calling the guy I bought it from and I was hoping to get this done ASAP.

Link Posted: 12/24/2003 11:27:23 PM EDT
You should be able to find the info you need from S&G's website. Take a look at [url]http://www.sglocks.com/sup_pdf.php[/url]

If the info isn't on the website, you can send them Email query from the website and get an Email response to your question.

I've never removed/replaced the model you are asking about, but I've worked on some other models (non-electronic) and seem to recall that you had to remove the back plate of the lock mechanism to get to the bolts holding it to the safe. I also think that you need to remove the mechanism prior to removing the dial from the door. [This is all from memory a number of years ago, so I'm not 100% positive about this.]
Link Posted: 12/25/2003 12:30:47 AM EDT
When I replaced the S&G combo lock on my safe, it came apart fairly easy.

Remove the back plate from the lock.  There was a brass "key" that keeps the dial from turning separate from the lock.  simply pull the key out with pliers and unscrew the dial from the lock.

Link Posted: 12/25/2003 2:05:49 AM EDT
Yes take the back plate off the lock mechanism, mark the spot the brass wedgie is jammed into. This will let the dial spin off the shaft, the you will see the mounting bolts, When you run the cable for the Elock be carefull you no pincey the wire, End of lock personal experiance here.
Link Posted: 12/25/2003 5:38:21 PM EDT
I have plenty of instructions for mounting the new lock, but little help in how to reoove the old one.

Thanks for the tips.  I'll get to work and let you guys know how it goes.

Link Posted: 12/25/2003 6:54:36 PM EDT
Got it.  Thanks for the help.  

I was being too nice when I was trying to pull out the brass key.  I grabbed a hold, and this time PULLED straight out,.... and out it came.  

Thanks again!

Merry Christmas!
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