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Posted: 9/13/2005 8:00:42 AM EDT
Cowan notes that some of New Orleans' aristocracy are refusing to leave.

Resident Ashton O'Dwyer characterizes it as a "Lord of the Flies, Robinson Crusoe existence."

O'Dwyer has a home on St. Charles Street, one of New Orleans' most famous addresses, and he has water, generator power, and bins full of ice for his highballs.

Where did he get all that ice, Cowan wondered.

"I'm a resourceful guy sir," O'Dwyer responded.

Resourceful and, Cowan say, nervous, despite the military's presence.

"If you're so confident of the professionalism of the National Guard, why aren't you confident they'll protect your house?" Cowan asked. "Why do you feel you have to stay and do it?"

O'Dwyer answered with a question of his own: "Do you see a National Guardsman posted outside my door?"

He's got plenty to worry about, he figures: nice house, nice things.

Showing Cowan his wife's family heirloom sterling silver, he turned the table on Cowan again, asking him, "How long do you think that would have lasted had the guys that ran around, hiding in the shadows, casing neighborhoods… How long would it have taken them to come into this house and take anything of value that they wanted?"

So, says Cowan, he's armed to the teeth, to scare anyone off.

Quite frankly, Cowan admits, he scared him, too.

"So if someone walked into your house," Cowan inquired, "you'd shoot 'em?"

"With pleasure."


"Yes! I would aim for the head. Actually, you aim for the mid-chest."

O'Dwyer is the exception though, Cowan says, not the rule among the privileged in the Big Easy.
CBS Early Show Interview

...guess he never did get arrested.
Link Posted: 9/13/2005 8:05:50 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/13/2005 8:05:53 AM EDT
That Cowen sounds like a faggot to me.
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