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Posted: 8/31/2004 11:53:26 AM EDT
When I moved from SC to TN, I had to sell or give away a lot of stuff, including my Bowflex. I've been trying to walk at a local track with my Mom and sister, but they walk faster than I do and can't manage to slow down enough for me to keep up... When I try to keep up, I invariably wind up pulling something in my knee and can't walk to do regular stuff for days, much less go to the track for exercise.

My bike has a similar problem. I can't ride for long enough to do myself much good before I start having knee issues.

So, today I went down to the YMCA and looked at their lap pool. It looked pretty good, and they have a weight room that's better than anyplace I've been, so I rejoined. I thought I'd have to pay the joining fee, but my old membership was still good because I had left 'in good standing', which I assume to mean I'd paid my bills.

Tomorrow I go for an orientation and to meet 'my' advisor. They have on-staff certified personal trainers, and everyone who uses the weight room is assigned one. They told me that most people don't actually take advantage of the trainers, but that they're happy to help people out.

Being unemployed has one advantage, I can go down to the Y when it's not as busy and get personal help from the staff to get myself re-started.

My initial plan is to swim laps 4 days a week and work out in the gym 2 days a week. Eventually, I may use the gym more, but I think I need more work on general fitness from cardio exercise at first.

In addition to all the fitness benefits, the scenery was EXCELLENT. :)

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