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Posted: 4/24/2001 5:37:05 PM EDT
last day to register May 1, 2001

Link Posted: 4/24/2001 7:32:23 PM EDT
I really dont understand how this happened. I do not own one of these firearms. But the ATF just changed its classifcation and now its a distructive device. Whats next are they going to classify the Ruger 10/22 a destuctive device and we all be forced to register it. Wouldnt congress have to pass a law requiring the registration of firearms.

Link Posted: 4/24/2001 7:56:31 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 9:30:36 PM EDT
not when the amend it it to fall under the NFA

like what the did with the semi open bolt guns called em easyly convertable to a machine gun
whats messed about thopse is you didnt have to register a open bolt semi you just couldnt make em anymore
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 11:56:51 PM EDT
So Could they include any firearm in the NFA?

Link Posted: 4/25/2001 11:05:51 AM EDT
A destructive deviuce is anything that expells something (projectile) and has a bore over half an inch.  Exceptions are made for "sporting" shotguns.

12 ga shotguns, by nature, have bores over half an inch.  

So, when a Klinton treasury lackey noted that the Streetsweeper, USAS 12, and Striker 12 could fit under the destructive device laws with a bit of creative interpreptation of the "sporting" thing, they went for it.

They didn't change the SPAS 12, LAW 12, Beretta riot guns, etc., due to capacity and lack of a magazine.  The SPAS 15 was probably ignored because only a few got into the country.

Link Posted: 4/26/2001 11:34:29 AM EDT
yeah pretty much say its ready convertable blah blah blah
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