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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/26/2002 3:49:19 PM EST
Picked up a demo of this pleasurable FPS shooter for the PS2. Graphic: Some of the best graphics you will see on the weak little PS2. Better graphics then Metal Gear IMHO Sound: Good. Techno music if you like that sort of thing. Nothing to complain about hear. Control: Same as previous RF. If you've never played the original. The control is about as good as its going to get for a console FPS. Only difference is that when dual wielding weapons the L2 button is the trigger for the offhand weapon. Autoaim is in effect. Gameplay: Same as previou RF, but better in the way of friedly AI. They dont die as quick as the Miners in the first game. They actually cover you so the're an actual asset. They also have a more distinct personality. Blowing away the cover of the enemy is fun. Unfortunately the use of GEO-mod was not truly evident in the demo. I hope blowing holes in walls/floors/ceilings will play a more tactical role in gameplay instead of just a gimmick as the previous RF. This is my only real concern to what is otherwise looking like a solid action game. The demo covers the forced infiltration of a TV station building held by the enemy. Beginning with a matrix-ish lobby scene to the roof top where you attempt to kill the dictator. The Journalists are covering the event as you go about killing the BG's Story: An evil Fascist pig has taken control over the city. You are among Rebels who wish to liberate the city. A simplistic story, but not really an issue. Im sure the full game will have some plot twists or some such, but this game is all about blowing big holes in things. Comments: It is unfortunate that this game will not come to the PC as the first one, but if you want to shoot cool looking weapon on your PS2, then you should check this game out. Im going to buy as soon as it comes out. Way better then Turok and more fun then SOCOM and Metal Gear. The City's liberal Reporters are hilarious and even taunt you after you leave. I always go back and toss'em a grenade to show them how much i appreciate their media coverage of this live event. RED FACTION!! [uzi]
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