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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/20/2002 4:27:39 AM EST
Long time since last log-on,but i'm so pissed i need to vent somewhere! I went last night to do my six month blood donation at the local VFW. I get called like clockwork for this. I'm AB- so i figure with the rarity of my blood-type it's important ,especially during the holidays. Well, last night was indeed the last. I've had bad episodes before with less than skilled red cross workers drawing blood. But the B@#%^ last night shoved the needle in and missed the vein,pulled it half way out and shoved it in again. The really bad part was i had just witnessed her do the same thing to a young girl sitting across from me! Then she went on break. The new tech. saw the bag had stopped filling and came over and stirred it around to try to get it flowing again ,but no luck so she had to pull the needle. All that for nothing. The tech called a nurse over to check me out because my arm was already red and swollen around the needle area. They gave me a bag of ice and told me to keep it iced while i sat and had coffee and bars before leaving. While i'm sitting there,pissed as all hell for the pain in my arm,the lost time,the non acceptable donation and the ineptness of the first tech, the young girl that was sitting next to me giving blood sits down. She looked a little pale and also is holding an ice bag on her arm. Damn it,that was last night and i'm still pissed and my arm is still sore. Thanks for allowing me to vent here, X-RAIL
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Link Posted: 12/20/2002 10:51:38 PM EST
Whenever I give, it's where I'm a stranger. They have this habit of asking you all kinds of questions you may not want people you know hearing the answers to......"You're taking that medicine for WHAT????"
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