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Posted: 6/19/2002 12:29:27 PM EDT
Thought I'd share this story with fellow AR shooters. This past Sunday a customer went to a gun show and found several dealers with pre ban AR15's/clones. One of the dealers had a Oly Arms PCR 99 receiver on a rifle in standard pre ban A2 configuration. He was selling this gun for $1350 (sticker) When questioned about the legality of the rifle the dealer admitted he made a mistake and put the wrong upper on the receiver. He immediately pulled the gun off the table. I wonder what he would have done if some unsuspecting person wanted to purchase this "pre ban" gun for the sticker price? Then there was this other dealer. Customer approaches and sees an excellent condition CAR15 built on a DPMS receiver. CAR is in A1 configuration. Gun was labeled as being pre ban with a sticker price in the $1200 range. Receiver serial number is: C21XX Dealer is questioned about this gun and assures customer that he had called factory and was told that the receiver was made well before the ban. Customer believing dealer and not suspecting anything, works a trade with dealer for this gun. Then came Monday morning. Customer calls DPMS trying to get verification of exact date of manufacture and.....well by now you've probably guessed it. Karra at DPMS tells customer that this receiver was shipped as a stripped lower in May of 2001. Customer asks for some type of written verification and was sent a FAX on company letterhead confirming date. (GREAT customer service at DPMS for this BTW) Customer is now very un happy. Customer contacts dealer who stands by original story of having confirmed date of mfgr with DPMS but agrees to make the deal right. Customer and dealer meet and dealer returns the traded guns for the "pre ban" rifle. Customer is happy once again but still in need of a real pre ban gun. Moral of this story: Buyer beware! There seem to be quite a few illegally assembled pre ban guns out there. FWIW the customer in this story was not a newby to AR's. He had the serial number list that shows DPMS receivers with a lower than 10,300 serial # to be pre ban mfgr. Who'd have guessed about the "C" before the number. Customer didn't know, and had the dealers assurance that it was a factory confirmed pre ban receiver. Who can you trust if you can't trust a dealer....? Rob
Link Posted: 6/19/2002 1:31:42 PM EDT
Dealer is guilty of fraud in the inducemnt as well as being an all around dickhead. Steve
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