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Posted: 10/8/2004 1:16:23 PM EDT
Seems like the news clowns are verbally masturbating "NO WMD" says the new CIA report.

Bush BAD!!!

OK...read the report...Alright..read the summary (19 pages versus 1200)

CIA report

UN Oil for Food Corrupt, sanctions for crap, big time $$ going in and out of Iraq for all sorts of weapon development.

This shoots Kerry's ideas big time. Sanctions were thrwarted, the UN where he wants his collalition from was corrupt and on the take, what were we to do with a guy who openly funded $$ to families of palestinian bombers (oh no....he didn't support terror)

Was Al Qaeda in Iraq? Was there no connection? Of course not....we're supposed to belive that the Al Qaeda and terrorists are all on a terrorist holiday and they all chose Iraq for their summer vacation. OK....right

Just read....then you tell me who's more dangerous....

Is the guy who has the WMD but shows the restraint in use (ie N Korea, China, Russia, France, Israel, Pakistan, UK, US, India..etc) more dangerous, OR...

Is the guy who doesn't have the WMD, but is trying to get them because he wants to use them more dangerous (IE. Iraq as they did before...or Al Qaeda as they would like to)

Iraq a threat...read the report and you decide.

Oh yeah..could someone call Michael Moore...No threat there huh?

I'm mostly a lurker...but when I get typin...I just can't stop!!


Kurt "What the hell are people thinking" Austin
Link Posted: 10/8/2004 1:22:28 PM EDT
I know everyday its "NO WMD EVER WERE IN IRAQ as a matter a fact Saddam never even thought about them he was dreaming about kittens"

And then the whole Al Queda thing, "NO TIES TO TERROR" bullshit suicide bombings in israel??? those dont count?
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