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Posted: 10/26/2001 7:42:01 PM EDT
What will the "grabbers" try to ban next! Read this: [url]http://home.post-dispatch.com/channel/pdweb.nsf/pd/86256A0E0068FE5086256AF1003BC8EC?OpenDocument&PubWrapper=A-section[/url] And then my letter to the two [i]clueless [/i] reporters:
Reporter Norm Parish and Reporter Dawn Fallik of the St. Louis Post Dispatch October 26, 2001 I was dismayed at the story published in A-section on Friday, October 26, titled “BB handguns create problems for police.” Quite frankly, it is ludicrous that a toy is being elevated to the status of a deadly weapon. First off, I’m sure you both are very responsible reporters. But I must conclude that neither of you have any experience whatsoever with firearms. Because quite frankly, anyone that has fired a real handgun would have laughed at the claims of East St. Louis Detective John Baum, and St. Louis Police Chief Joseph Mokwa. It may surprise you, but I assure you it is true that there are many in law enforcement that have less knowledge about guns, even those that they carry, than many citizen gun owners. I assure you that law enforcement officers {LEO’s} that seriously deal with firearms and the people that misuse them, such as Special Agents for the ATF, FBI, and SWAT would have repudiated statements of danger and lethality made by East St. Louis Detective John Baum. I have .22 & 9mm handguns and a Daisy BB gun. BB guns are powered by compressed air, not the explosive force of a cartridge. The power difference between a .22 and a BB gun is enormous. A handgun must be fired at a gun range, such as Bullseye on Manchester Road. A BB gun can be shot in one’s own basement. A few simple precautions and a backstop made from any reasonably thick hardbound book will suffice for recreational plinking with a Daisy BB gun. There are more differences than similarities between a handgun and a BB gun. For a LEO to be killed by a BB gun would require an almost mystical aiming ability by the thug coupled with monumental bad luck on the part of the officer. You may well ask, why would these officers and citizens like Stacey Newman, make misleading statements? With the LEO’s, it's a case where the personal politics of certain political chiefs and officers are coloring their statements. What they won’t tell you is that these characters are using look-alike replicas precisely because our gun laws are working so well that they can’t get the real thing! And when the would-be scoundrel can’t get a gun he’ll use a toy, and they’ve even been known to use crudely carved copies. In regards to Stacey Newman, co-president of the St. Louis Million Mom March, you have been mislead here also. The Million Mom March does not advocate gun control, they advocate an extremist view of gun banning. And when an anti rights liberal can't grab a gun, he (or she) tends to grab the next best thing, even if it’s a toy. It is long past time for us to stop fixating on the guns, or toy guns, or gun like objects, and to start dealing with the persons who threaten peaceful society. Every law that blames the object instead of the criminal is an obstacle to genuine solutions, because it offers political officials a high-profile (but empty) way to tell the public that they are "doing something." I challenge you to investigate instead the social conditions under which innocent babies grow into criminals in less than two decades.
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Link Posted: 10/26/2001 8:58:24 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/26/2001 9:57:27 PM EDT
Jean-Claude, Yes, good reply. Well thought out & articulated. I would have just called them both a couple of idiots. NMSight
Link Posted: 10/27/2001 6:45:15 AM EDT
There was a kid killed in my neighbhood this summer.Two teenagers in a car "tagged" him with a pellet rifle.The pellet penetrated his lungs and he died pretty quick.Probably if he had been wearing a jacket no harm would have come.
Link Posted: 10/27/2001 8:31:05 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/27/2001 8:25:16 AM EDT by ckapsl]
jean-claude: Great letter, well thought out and articulated. Good for you. It will make those two reporters stop and think. Once they start to [b]think[/b], all sorts of things can happen! A suggestion, if I may: Include a link to a pro-gun FAQ. I often write to reporters, and after addressing the specific reason why I wrote to them, I cut and paste the following: Guns don't just kill, but also save lives. In your article, you made no mention of lawful self defense in today's day and age. Law abiding citizens in America use their guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times a year, far more than the estimated 500,000 crimes committed with guns every year. In almost all these cases, the mere display and brandishing of the gun by the citizen causes the criminal to retreat to safer pastures, with no shots being fired, and with no one getting hurt. Not surprisingly, these non-events seldom make the evening news. I am enclosing a link to a Firearms Fact Sheet, which may challenge many of the "facts" propagated by the mainstream media. This Fact Sheet is produced by Gun Owners of America, a pro-gun organization, but every claim made is rigorously backed up by citations, many of which are from neutral sources. I invite you to read it and gain another perspective on the gun control debate: http://[url]www.gunowners.org/fs0101.htm[/url] I also invite you to visit the web site of the The Journalist's Guide to Gun Policy Scholars and Second Amendment Scholars at: http://[url]www.gunscholar.org[/url]
Link Posted: 10/27/2001 8:50:43 AM EDT
The Post-Dispatch is a liberal rag. It's just a matter of time before BB guns are put in the came catagory as real guns. I believe this is already the case in the PRNJ. You'll put your eye out.
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