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Posted: 7/22/2008 6:54:40 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/22/2008 6:55:36 PM EST by Paveway_]
I often hear this criticism that the Israelis don't have enough tankers to strike Iran with their 50 F-15E's and 50 strike configured F-16's.

What about this:

I realize these are Tornados. I have a picture of a F-15 buddy tanking a probe equipped F-16 in my old WAPJ, but I can't find the pic online.

IDF has used buddy tanking pods in the past.

IDF has developed various probe systems for F-16's (don't know if they bought any - but a quick batch of 50 could have secretly been built by now)

IDF uses C-130's

A tanker force of 707's, F-15C's with buddy pods and C-130's could possibly allow for sufficient range and take off warloads of the 100 attacking aircraft.

Link Posted: 7/22/2008 6:55:44 PM EST
100 strike aircraft aint enough.
Link Posted: 7/22/2008 6:56:56 PM EST

Originally Posted By Silence:
100 strike aircraft aint enough.

Says you. You don't need to hit every target. Pick three-four lynch pin targets and you'll set their program back sufficiently to make the strike worth it.
Link Posted: 7/22/2008 7:05:11 PM EST
Hmmm. Never considered the buddy tanking angle.
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