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Posted: 10/18/2008 8:28:28 AM EST
I'm a sucker for old stuff, especially old books and magazines that give a first hand account of the stories we read in history books which give us a chance to expand our knowledge. Go ahead and post yours, here are mine and my family's.

This one is a philatelistic book called "Stamps of the General Government and Poland". It was published in Krakow in 1944 during the German occupation. I find it quite interesting that the Germans let something like this published even though it's obvious the censors had a big hand in it.

A page showing a stamp of Hitler with the title stating it came out on the second anniversary of the "creation" of the General-Government.

Another page showing a commemorative stamp of the "German" astronomer Copernicus.

Pages showing stamps of pre-war Poland including a commemorative stamp of George Washington on the 200th anniversary of his birth from 1932.

An addition to the book printed after the "liberation" in the March of 1945.

The addition explaining on how many difficulties they had to go through to get the original book published and how much information the censors obscured.

The next book is called Westermanns Weltatlas (Westermann's World Atlas) from Germany.

As can be seen on the left page, the copyright is from 1922.

A page showing the extent of the Roman Empire.

Another page showing random information about North America.

This is a real beat-up one. It's called the Historischer Schul Atlas (Historical School Atlas), another German one.

The copyright's at the bottom, it's from 1918.

A page showing Germany during the time of the reformation.

Another page showing world colonial power in 1884 and 1912.

Want to learn German? This is a Polish book printed in New York to teach people German.

There's no proper copyright but author ends ends the foreword with the date of October, 1916.

Pages showing the differences between the Polish and German script.

This is an interesting Polish magazine called Tecza (Rainbow). It's pretty nationalist-Catholic and has articles denouncing both Bolshevism and capitalism. This one's from April of 1933.

A piece called "The World in Pictures" showing various photographs around the world. The top photo shows a quarrel between communists and the police in Detroit. Then on the right is a photo of a young Hitler and on the bottom a black muslim in New York.

A chronicle of world events. I numbered and translated the most interesting ones-
1) "Hitler has become the chancellor of the German Reich. The vice-chancellor is von Pappen."
2) "The German parliament and the Prussian legislature have ben dissolved. Voting will take place on March 5th."
3) "A decree has been announced in Germany that will restrict the freedom of the press."
4) "In a press interview, Hitler said that Germany will demand the return of the Pomerania region (northern coast of Poland)."
5) "The League of Nations has decided to turn to Japan in order to persuade them to leave Manchuria. In response, Japan left the League."
6) "While visiting Miami, the president of the United States, Roosevelt, survived an assassination attempt by a man named Zangara with a revolver. Nothing happened to the president but several people were injured including the Mayor of Chicago. The man was convicted and sentenced to 80 years in prison."
7) "In the elections of Ireland, the supporters of De Valera won."

The May issue of the same magazine.

An article about how Germany is becoming more militaristic, mainly in propaganda.

The two pictures in the middle of the second page showing the oppresion of Jews in Germany.

Another chronicle showing events from May of 1933-
1) "In a surprise decision, the parliament of Germany gave full reign of the government to Hitler for four years."
2) "Hitler's government keeps fighting the opposition. There have been massive arrests. Concentration camps and prisons are over-filled and the fate of the prisoners often cruel. There have been reports of many murders but this information is often covered up. One of the slogans of Hitlerism is the fight against foreign people. Because of this, there is a large boycott against Jewish goods."
3) "Jews from all over the world are protesting against the German boycott and oppression and are propagating a boycott against German goods."
4) "The United States have dropped the gold standard which means the beginning of inflationary financial politics."
5) "Rumors of a peace between Japan and China have turned out to not be true. Japanese forces have passed the Great Wall of China."

Der Pimpf, a magazine for young boys of the Hitler Youth. This one's from October 1939 showing the oft repeated myth of Polish horsemen charging a German tank.

True Aryan warriors.

Article about the beginning of the Second World War.

Advertisements on the last page showing ads for air rifles.

That's it for me, have you guys anything cool?
Link Posted: 10/18/2008 8:41:37 AM EST
I'm at work so I can't post pics, but I have a set of encyclopedias from 1928 that's pretty cool! According to them there was NO World War 1! It was only referred to as the Great World War.

I like checking out the exotic locales in it. The world was a MUCH larger place back then and places like Burma and the Middle East were WORLDS away and quite dark and mysterious.
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