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Posted: 2/17/2006 4:21:06 AM EDT
Rapid Resonse Bag..Active Shooter Bag..Grab and Go Bag....Whatever YOU call it, what's in yours. Right now in mine I have 6 AR-15 Mags, 4 piece cleaning rod, maps of my community, floorplans of schools and major businesses in town, extra batteries for my Surefire, rubber gloves and 4 Israeli Bandages. All in a Paratrooper Document Bag from Brigade Quartermaster. Good Bag at excellent price ($15.00). Not as high speed, low drag as something from Blackhawk, but extremely functional.
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 4:25:09 AM EDT
Maxpedition makes a good fat boy s type that also works well.
Floor plans, good idea
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 7:39:50 AM EDT
Throw in some quick-clot and lots of sterile gauze and medical tape for good measure. Also, some items to make a field expedient tourniquette, like a cubaton or similar item, and lots of para-cord (which is a must-have anyway). How about extra two-ways, or radio batteries? Not trying to be too nit-picky, as the 4way rod would be good to dislodge a bbl blockage, but for a quick clean (how this would be done in a AS sitch, I don't know), ever try the bore snake? Just my .02. I'll be checking back for others' input, as I'm always open to new and better ideas.
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 9:31:05 AM EDT
Three 30 rd AR magazines, three pistol magazines, ballistic helmet, goggles, gas mask, search gloves for tactical stuff. Medical stuff includes medical gloves, CPR mask, medical shears, and Israeli bandage (coming soon). I carry everything in a $20.00 helmet bag with a carabiner. I clip it to my main bag to prevent it from flying in a car crash. When deployed I can clip it to my belt.

My bag must be Ok becasue my co-workers told me they plan to come to me in an emergency to get gear. Ya right.

Link Posted: 2/18/2006 7:22:52 AM EDT
I have a huge turn-out bag for my entry team stuff, it was a Galls bag (not my idea but that's what they got). It has my ballistic helmet, goggles, CJAZ raid armor, chin/knee guards, elbow pads, tac-rig with Mdl6004 drop-leg and hip rig for AR mags, Cold Steel Recon Tanto (for some up-close 'hows-your-father'), hydration pack, a couple of LED flashlights, batteries galore, gas mask, a change of clothes, and some energy bars.

Soon to be added: maps and evacuation layouts for local buildings particularly schools, a medical kit, night vision monocular, a lock-pick set... I don't think you ever run out of things that would come in handy.

I do have a question, anyone know of a good field med-kit available for one-shot purchase? I have first responder training so I just need bandages, antiseptic, quick-clot etc. I am not a medic and we may not be able to implement a team medic anytime soon (not officially anyway). I'm looking for something small enough to fit in a large utility pouch, vest or belt mounted.
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 12:48:48 PM EDT
My Weesatch.

Front: 6 AR mags, 2 pistol mags, SOG tool, CQD Mk1 knife, Trauma kit (Quick-clot, chest seal, lots of gauss and tape), dump pouch.

Back: Camelbak and bipod.

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