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Posted: 10/10/2004 4:45:05 PM EDT
I went the gunshow in Nashville today and I was totaly pissed. I felt I drove an hour just waste time there wasn't hardley any thing in there that you would want to buy. I ran accross some tables with guy's selling AR's for over a $1000.00 and Glock hicaps for $60.00 to $80.00 each and 30 round USGI mags for $30.00 each all I could do was laugh my ass off.

Is it just me or have alot these guy's lost there minds that sell at the shows, the only good deals I found was on ammo. I could have picked up 1000 rounds each of PMC 223 & 45 ammo for only $180.00 out the door, not bad but I was a dumb ass and left the ATM card and check book at the house.

You know what kills me also is that the times I have went all I ever see is shit for Glocks and that about it, I own H&K hand guns and now I own two AR's. I saw stuff for my AR's but alot of it was in shity condition and of course over priced. I asked for some H&K stuff and most of the dealers told me why do I own H&K's I should just get a glock since that is what most ofthe stuff they carry is for. I told them that I did not give a shit about Glocks and I would not own one even if they gave it to me, yeah H&K cost more but it is a far better gun than Glock.

I need to find a realy good gun show to go to about the only one localy where I am is the one in Nashville. I told my better half that the only reason I go back to it would to get a car load of ammo and I would have to buy at least a few hundred dollars of ammo.

What do you guy's and gal's think.
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