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Posted: 8/21/2004 6:20:53 PM EST
Ok, got the pellet rifles Thursday and Friday.  Took them to the range today and sighted them in.  The Kraut rifles are fantastic!!!  Only took a couple minutes to sight them in and I was drilling pellets through the same hole at 10m.  I didn't even adjust the stock or trigger yet, but I may do that someday.  I truly believe it when they say these are Olympic class rifles.

The Russian rifles are definitely not as fancy, but they can shoot too.  Took awhile longer to get one of them sighted in because the front sight was loose.  I'd think I'd get it zeroed and then the next shot would be wild.  Once I tightened up the front sight, it shot like a dream.  Took about 3 shots to zero after that.  For third of the cost of the German rifles, these will definitely suffice.  I just hope they last a few years without any glitches.

Never did get a reply from the kid who said my email was "soliciting hate" towards him.  Didn't really expect a reply, but it sure would have been fun to string him along awhile.  Oh well.  
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