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Posted: 6/5/2008 10:11:22 PM EDT
Yeah, I know.  Asking whether anyone here has an opinion... But there are plenty of good ones so off to the hive mind.

NARROWLY escaped a speeding ticket today.  In fact, I think the guy in front of me got my ticket.  I don't drive dangerously but have been doing the same commute for 13 years along a nice highway with few cars.  I like to keep things interesting and the car likes it too.  Recent addition of a much faster car has lead to behavior that led to the SO getting me a radar detector.  She got me a cheap one (girls and electronics) but it saved my butt a few times and most noticably today where it went off when I was going around 85 into a curve and was passing a vehicle on the right.  I immediately braked and tucked in behind the other car.  Passed the cop, lights went on and he pulled over the guy in front of me.  I'm pretty sure that was a bullet meant for me.  Anyway, I'm looking to upgrade.  Sure, I know, I could drive the PSL and not worry but I drive very safe, never had a ticket or accident in 30 years of driving.  I just like fast, where safe.  I think it's my business when it has no chance of hurting other people like most folks here feel about shooting and guns.  So please, no preaching about SL's.

So what do you folks like?  There are the favorites like the V1, the escort and beltronics.  Pricey.  I've been surprised how well the $50 dollar whistler has worked but I'd like a bit more notice and a few less false positives.  
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