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Posted: 1/1/2007 6:10:36 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/1/2007 6:14:25 PM EDT by RogerBall]
I caught it on the satelite today. And it was so strange, so different, so surreal, i could not change the channel. Its kind of like eating your own foot.  It is so delicious but so discusting.
The plot is (and i swear to God i am not making this up) set in IRAQ just weeks before the US liberation.  In a Kurdish refugee camp somewhere outside of Bagdad, up in the hills, somewhere remote.  They were destitute and hungry and have to walk miles to the well for water.
There are three main characters; a boy with no arms who can see the future, a girl who was raped (and has a baby by) Saddam's soldiers, and a young man who installs satellite dishes and translates (the forbidden channels) for the elders (CNN, etc).

This young man called "Satellite" leads a whole regiment of refugee children.  He finds food, water, jobs, etc.  They have two main jobs, digging up mines and selling them (about 50% were missing limbs), and stacking brass (as in spent artillary casings).
There are three major themes (that i could decifer, its Arabic with english subtitles)
1: eveybody hates Saddam, evidenced by the guns and the gas masks they bought in the market. (hense the Kurdish angle)
2. Satellite is trying to keep everyone together and help them out.  Which, BTW, he does admirably.
3. Agrin (the girl, sister of the boy with no arms, blown off by a mine) is so depressed and hateful of the kid that the Iragui rapists gave her she contemplates, and "pratices" suicide. Until the end when she kills the baby (by tying a rock around it and throwing it into the deep spring)and herself (by jumping off the cliff-finally!)
She does this the day before the USA comes in and libertates the place, which to these people, in this place, makes little difference.
I really don't know what those people were thinking.   Its a joint effort of Iraq/Iran-movie makers-frustrated incorporated.  All the closing credits are in arabic.
Its strange and unusual.  and worth watching (Like someone eating their own head).

After that you're just a glutton for punishment.

(No, not like SP-10, i mean really)
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